Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lovin Double Finger Ring!!!!

Hey love,

Sorry I haven't been uploaded or written anything in a while due to fashion design stuff. However, what I'm writting at the moment is not something about runway trend, something hot or something out but it's about accessory!!!!!

Do you like the ring?:D

Ring is my favourite toy though especially "Double Finger Ring" I spend most of my money on these rings more than necklace or any other types of accessories lol At first, it felt a bit awkward to wear such a DOUBLE fingers but trust me you'll get used to it finally lol. Here are some of my double finger rings I have bought from Forever XXI also other stores I found randomly lol

My double finger "Love" ring

Sexy and love rings that me and my friends wore
at birthday party.
Cross ring from Forever XXI
Actually, you can find double finger rings at Forever XXI and most vintage stores(If you don't want to spend much money on a brand-name one). There are various types of this ring though such as animal, chain, word or even the most popular cross!!.

You know accessory like ring will never out of trend :) so go buy one because it is really worth!!!!

Hope you guys like it:)

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to drink free booze for me too lol

Stay tune


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  1. Your ring is so cute!! :D been trying to get one but haven't found the proper sizes to my finger yet, i have quite big finger (: Thanks for sharing those amazing styles of rings <3 <3