Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer in Love

What does "Macaron" mean to you? What do you usually define this sweet when you see it?

Of course it's a sweet, yummy in taste and etc. But you know what, the first thing when macaron pops up in my head is its "Pastel" Those pastel colors such as pink, mint or yellow are so cute and really attract girls like us, isn't it. Besides, i think it is the great options for those summer lovers who have a passion in wearing in colorful! Even though I hardly mix and match the clothes in vivid tones, pastel is one of my favorite of all the time since it makes a girl like us look sweet and tender. 

As well as various fashion brands who have been inspired and brought out the pastel tones into summer fashion because this season is all about COLORFUL. And so does TOPSHOP, my all time thumbs up brand that launched adorable and charming pastel tone collection. 

Actually, you can easily pair mint denim, pink blazer or any other clothes in such pastels with anything black, white or even the same tones. However, here are some of the total looks from TOPSHOP I have played with.

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