Thursday, November 22, 2012

Good Bye Galaxy, Hello Unicorn Skirt

Galactica or Galaxy printed items are all my favourite, however, "Unicorn" is also new the brand new toy which I want to try!

At first, I really had no idea how to mix&match those unicorn printed items since in my opinion, they were all too cute! And to pair them with my closets which already fulled of Black and white clothes...that's definitely not going to happen. BUT my mom once said "YOU HAVE TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT FITS YOU.." So just one unicorn skirt wouldn't really be bad right :)

And here's the look, I paired the unicorn skirt with my mom's vintage blouse and beige wedges. Anyway, you can always match with plain tank-top and creamy flats or dark color top with ballerina flats for super girly look. Personally, I always love vintage style, thus I'd rather mix it with oversized pink blouse and rounded sunglasses. 

If you want to see more looks, here I have gathered the lookbooks from wide variety people.

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