Sunday, November 11, 2012

Punk Rock Style for The Weekend

Punk Rock Style for The Weekend

My rolling stones sleeveless top with stripe pants 
   What do you usually think about when it comes to "Punk Fashion" ? Is it about studded jacket, leather pants or something that look so outrageous and break the rules ? 

   However, in my opinion I think it looks charming and unique in its own way. I mean every fashion style has its own way to represent, depends on how you can bring it up. (Fashion is how you see it)  Besides, I always get a fashion's inspiration from punk rock music, so no wonder why I often dress up with spiky accessories and dark tone items. 

My studded cap

there lots of way you can boost up the punk look with , maybe it's a new challenging as well like you can try getting out from your comfort zone, from your ordinary and simply sweet style to the new punk fashionista in town! Matching sleeveless band tee with ripped jeans and shiny black boots or studded jacket with leather pants and high-heel platforms sounds really good to make the day!

Try it, you will never know what will happen, maybe you might love it, maybe you will be able to find something interesting :)

Here are some punk fashion I have found from people around the world, 

enjoy :)

Avril in her punk rick style
Taylor Momsen
Sky with her black tee

Have a great day :)


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