Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Pleated Skirt to the Modern Age

Start up my November with "Long Pleated Skirt" for the event WHAT WILL I WEAR TOMORROW, hosted at Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand

   This was the second event I attended  since my last post about ELLE Fashion Week a month ago, however, November 8, 2012 I participated in this event as a fashion assistant for Fashion Studio Magazine :) 

"What Will I Wear Tomorrow?" was the event which was organized to display 6 well-known fashion influencers of Thailand, thus in order to complete the answer of the theme, I preferred to step out off my comfort zone which led me to the idea of "Long Pleated Skirt

   Actually, pleated skirt or maxi has been used since 60s or 70s but as it said "fashion is all about recycling" so I wanted to bring back this pleated skirt to the modern age by pairing with glitter black sleeveless top and black strappy shoes. Moreover, being too much sweet is kind of boring, so I added Cheetah headband for more fabulous. 

Here's the look

At the event with my final selection

Me and Peary pie, one of 6 fashion influencers
I and my friend from Raffle International Design School

Also, Here I have gathered SOME styles of pleated skirt from other fashionistas.

Read more about the event at :

Have a great day :)

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