Saturday, December 8, 2012

7 Days, Journey in Nepal Part 1

Greeting from Nepal!

Apart from being a fashion blogger at The Equinox (official page)  and fashion assistant for Fashion Studio Magazine, I am one of those people who love backpacking with all my heart. If you can remember from the previous article that I had a chance to go to Malaysia&Singapore during Summer, yet again here I spent 7 days in historically town, Nepal! 

My backpack crews included a few members of my family also the owner&co-founder of RIZE Travel, Thai travel agency which provided me all perfect accommodation and everything booked before hand (Thank you so much!). Actually, this agency is renowned and really professional at travelling in Japan. More than 3,000 followers keep coming back for their great services, however, this time it's all about finding something new in the country which has accumulated historical culture since 8th century!

Day 1

To be honest, day one wasn't my impressive start at all since I stuck in the airport for more than 5 hours due to flight delayed. I just spent time walking around in Suvarnabhumi Airport. All in all, I arrived at Kathmandu, Nepal around 1 a.m. then headed to Madhuban Guest House. this guesthouse is situated only 15 minutes from Nepal International Airport, besides if you are seeking a place to stay in Nepal, I will totally recommend this place!! Not only they have a service-minded, but every clerk is also willing to help you anytime. This place provides comfy rooms with private bathroom and tv, free wi-fi, delicious food, money exchange (the best rate from any other places) travel package, also located in a very convenient spot, 15 minutes to Durba Square, 10 minutes to local shopping places and etc.

My bedroom
In front of Madhuban Guest House

Day 2

I and the co-founder of RIZE Travel
Flied (again) to another beautiful town called Sarangkot (in Pokhara) by Buddha Air (it's only 30 minutes though) But before my feet would touch the ground, I was really stunned by the view of beautiful mountains which you can merely see right in front of you!

It's me at the airport

Bhudda Air

The ticket to Pokhara

  It took me 40 minutes from Pokhara airport to The Superview Lodge (altitude of 1592 mtrs in the hill of Sarangkot) the magnificent place to stay, located on the top of the mountain. The aim of day two was mountain and nature! Once you go to The Superview Lodge, you will never want to go anywhere else since you can see Nepal from the top view also crystal white Mt Machhapuchhre like a 3D ride. The fresh air, good food, friendly people...what more could you ask for :) 

  What you can do up here are

1. Paragliding- "Float over mystery shrouded monasteries, beautiful turquoise lakes, exotic jungles and villages" said Sunrise Paragliding.
2. Yoga
3. Trekking
4. Bungi jumping
5. Watch Sun rises and Sun set  

Mt Machhapuchhre

Superview Lodge

Day 3

Back in Pokhara, I only had one day left here before flying back to Kathmandu. So I went to the lake and just had Korean food for dinner lol wasn't appropriate to have Korean food in Nepal but c'monn I just need something tasty and good dinner time with friends and family :) If you have ever been to Khaosarn Road in Bangkok, Pokhara is just the same. There are lots of local stores, bars and restaurants (It's not that packed as much as in Khaosarn road but it's like the same foreigners spot style) Otherwise, in the day time you can go to DEVI'S FALL in order to have a look at different types of natural rocks and the depth of stream, only Rs.20


Tha Lake

Nepal beer

Korean food

Day 4

It's good to be back in Kathmandu but still I had to go to Hotel View Point which located on the top of Nagarkot (7,200ft.) Overall, 2 hours in a van plus I was car sick so.....

This is a popular hill station in Nepal because you can see such a breathtaking view of Himalayan peaks of Nepal like Manaslu, Sisa Pangam, Lantang, Gaurishankar and Mt.Everest! The rooms are well-furnished provide privated baths also hot water. Besides, the rooftop gives a magnificent panoramic view of the mountain ranges and valley. 

See I told you the first four days were all about mountain!

TO BE CONTINUED 7 Days, Journey in Nepal Part 2

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Have a great day :)