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7 Days Backpacking in Nepal, Part 2

Hello, welcome back to Nepal part II

For this part,no more snow or beautiful mountains...Instead, let's find out more about historically towns and their sacred architectures. 

Day 5

Today I went to the oldest Hindu temple known as Kathmandu valley world heritage site "Hanumandhoka Durba Square& Museum" In my opinion, it looks quite old and mystical. However, I was really impressed with the craft and artwork a lot because all the buildings and sculptures were carved very in details. 

Hindu's belief and culture have been involved in our lives since A.D., so I think this legacy site can be a really good sample for anyone who wants to learn more about previous artistic work.

 Rs. 750/person
Opening Hours: 9:oo am-4:00 pm

Then, headed to Bhaktapur "Creation of predecessors-Our art and culture

According to the history, Bhaktapur is known as the cultural capital of Nepal. It used to be the capital city until 18th century, the ancestors protected the city as a sovereign country surrounding it with boundary walls and number of city gates. Bhaktapur's been a place for peasants, businessmen, handicraft producers and public employees including Hindus or Buddhists. As it is said " It is religious harmony that unites the people in the city. Every festival and cultural activity, irrespective of its religion, is observed with full and equal enthusiasm" This's why Bhaktapur is enlisted in World Heritage Sites in 1979 AD. 

There are various spots to go, so the first one I went was DURBAR SQUARE, the main square of the city.   Not only that you can visit the palace of 55 windows, you also be able to enter the Golden Gate and experience many masterpiece pieces of stone sculpture which is the main attraction of the square. Besides, you can walk around TAUMADHI SQUARE which is known as the city of engineering and architecture of multi roofed temples. Also, POTTERY SQUARE, one of the world's old professions

Bhaktapur city map

55 Windows Palace
The Golden Gate, 1754 A.D.


However, I don't recommend to buy any food or sweet here. It's not that I'm a healthy freak or anything but Nepal's really covered with dust. Well everywhere's covered with dust but this is exceptional! I had to wear a mask all the time when I was travelling around the towns. You can try eating or buying food from the vendors or pop-up stalls but for me I'd rather say "no" since I had a serious poisonous food after I had eaten some desserts from Bhaktapur (I don't know what it is called, but it's like a sweet bean..something) I'm telling you, that night was totally a nightmare because I kept vomiting 3 times. This's worse than I ever imagined. I couldn't sleep, my body was shaking, I vomited til I couldn't move my limbs. Trust me all I was thinking in that moment was my family; mom, dad, friends and my dogs. You'd better be safe wherever you're planning to go alright because you will never know what's going to happen. 

Day 6

I think you can guess what happened today...actually I didn't even go to anywhere because of illness..haha what the! Well I went to another Square but I merely walked for like 30 minutes then took a nap at tourism information center. Thank you so much for your kindness :)

Day 7 (Last day)

After fully recovered, I made a lot of destinations today. The first place I went was a Monkey Temple, Buddhist temple surrounded by loads of monkeys. DO NOT take any food or drink out because these monkeys will swiftly jump to you and grab it.

Then, I went to another world's heritage site called Shree Boudhanath

And the 3rd place of the day was Hanuman-dhoka Durba, world's heritage site monument zone. (Actually, I kind of love this place though).This place combines of beautiful temples and shrines, both Hindu and Buddhists. Most of them were built between 12th and 18th centuries. "It is here that kings of Nepal are crowned and their coronations solemnized" The Durba Square area can be divided into two parts; the outer complex is famous for several interesting temples like Kumari Ghar, Kasthmandap, Shiv-Parbati Temple and etc while the inner part is an old palace area, Hanuman-dhoka and courtyards. The Hanuman-dhoka Royal Palace is enlisted in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO as well.

Even though I had to suffer from food poisonous all night, I really enjoyed travelling in Nepal because there are so many things that I've never ever seen in my life. 

So what do I learn from this trip?

  1. Medicine, this is really necessary, especially when you sick including balm as well (remember backpacking is all about walking)
  2. Friendship, you will meet lots of backpackers from around the world at the guesthouse. Trust me try staying at the hostel or guesthouse for more fun lol I met a Japanese guy who went to Mt.Everest. He shared a story to me that it's -15 degree over there and it's really cold like really really cold.
  3. I have to survive without the heater
  4. No more stall food never ever ever ever everrrrrrrrrr
  5. The most important thing is "the experience" finally, you'll realize that there are so many things in this world to be explored. Life is not just about study, graduate then end up working for money. It's like an "eye-open" :)

Hope you enjoy :))

Have a great holiday 


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