Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fashion Blogger is the New PR?

Some of you may know that I am currently doing my Master degree in International Fashion Marketing and of course social media and blogging are the major goal through the process of learning in this course. I have been doing a research about "the exact relationship between online retailers and bloggers" As it can be seen that the mutual benefits from this type of relationship are increasing in many ways. 

According to the journals I have been reading so far, bloggers are the new advertising media since everything has become online now and we can browse, search, update everything easier than before. Personally, I used to buy magazines when I was younger so that I could update of what was going on in the fashion industry, as well as, find the new products I would love to purchase. However, I likely to do everything on laptop nowadays because it is more convenient. I read online magazine, browse the trend in Lookbook, check out Instagram and read the blogs. Some of us may still buy printed magazine, while some prefer things published online. I can't even imagine how it's gonna be in 10 years later! Maybe we can read the news from the watch? Or customize our products from our own gadget? No one knows. 

Similar to the fashion industry when brands used to picked celebrities and famous models to be their muses, but now everything has changed because the word 'fashion blogger' has become the new trend, especially online pure players. Several online retailers have been collaborating with bloggers by asking them to write a blog's posts, make vlogs or some even launch the bloggers' collection. There are many brands which willing to provide clothes to bloggers, and I am sure that some of us also have the similar experience of what I am talking about. They offer us free clothes, discount, voucher, press release for the new collection and expose us on online platforms. Some even gives us banners and affliliate programme to sign up in order to get commission from sales. Some online brands tend to use fashion bloggers in order to promote their names and clothes on social media such as blog post, Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook while many bloggers out there including me also seek for the opportunity to work with them simultaneously. However, what is the real advantage in this? Does fashion blogger become the new PR of this era? And does it really work? 

Instead of reading other journals or interview other participants, I would love to ask you guys straight away because you are bloggers and I would love to know the opinions from the real bloggers like you since you guys have experience about this. 

1). What do you think about how high street retailers use bloggers to promote their names? And does it really work?

2). Have you ever had any experiences in collaborating with high street brands or online retailers? And how did you work with them? By creating blog posts,vlogs etc?

3). Have you ever considered about buying clothes regarding what you have seen on other bloggers? 

4). What is the real benefits of online brands and fashion bloggers? 

Thank you so much :) 


  1. It all comes down to the company if the value is legit and the web as well and they do meet the customers requirement I do not have a problem blogging about or purchasing. Have a bless weekend.

  2. I love this post! It is crazy watching this trend explode! I'm personally not a fashion blogger but I love reading the blogs and watching their collaborations!
    Melanie @

  3. 1) The relationship is an important one, and I think it benefits both parties.
    2) I used to have a great relationship with Shopbop a few years ago. They gave me gift certificates in exchange for links within my posts.
    3) I am often influenced by my fellow bloggers!
    4) bloggers help give retailers an online presence, while retailers give bloggers either free clothes and/or money. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Let me know if you need anything else :)


  4. Before I started blogging, I remember being so enamoured about everything that Rumi (Fashion Toast) wore that I wanted her whole wardrobe. I do think that fashion bloggers have a certain pull when it comes to promoting brands, esp the bigger ones like Atlantic-Pacific and Style Bubble. Their blogs seem to relate to a lot more people because they are seen as "normal" people, and not the long-legged models we see in mags.

  5. 1) I think it's a great relationship for brands to have because it shows real people you can connect with rather than unattainable models/celebrities and figures that can be intimidating to some people especially their target audience of young women
    2) Yes, one brand I did a review of their product, another brand asked me to put together an outfit of products from their online shop and I also picked out some of my favourite items from one brand for a wishlist, all of which were posted on my blog & promoted via various different social media.
    3) Yes all the time!
    4) The internet is a "free" place accessible to all people worldwide so brands collaborating with bloggers gives them a greater online presence which in turn increases exposure/sales for the brand and also depending on who the collaborate with a more relateable appeal. Bloggers are real people who we can connect with who we share common ground with unlike adverts in magazines and there are bloggers of all shapes, colours and types so seeing a certain product being used or worn by a certain blogger makes it easier for the reader to see themselves using or wearing a product.

    Hope this helps you out for your degree, keep working hard xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  6. 1. Definitely, if you trust a person because they have the same taste/skin type/desires as you, you'll buy!
    2. I've worked with a lot of brands and through posts I've managed great relationships
    3. Yes, because they have similar wants and have the access to them to show me!
    4. It's so accessible these days, so bloggers are able to sell more to people with honesty and balanced reviews than a magazine

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  7. I'm definitely inspired by other bloggers when it comes to fashion. xx


  8. 1). What do you think about how high street retailers use bloggers to promote their names? And does it really work?
    I think that it's a good idea, as long as the blogger is influential enough and the brand suits their niche/ readership.

    2). Have you ever had any experiences in collaborating with high street brands or online retailers? And how did you work with them? By creating blog posts,vlogs etc?
    Yes. I have created blog posts to promote their products and I have also used clothing I have received in my outfit posts.

    3). Have you ever considered about buying clothes regarding what you have seen on other bloggers?
    If a dress popped on my Instagram feed that I loved I would buy it, no matter who was wearing it. But since top bloggers have the most followers, it would make sense that their images would result in more buys.

    4). What is the real benefits of online brands and fashion bloggers?
    For the brand I think it's cheap, in that they often send bloggers products in return for advertising. For bloggers, if the brand post their article/photos on their social media sites then it can grow their following too.

    Hope that helped :)

    Rachel xx

  9. Nice post, I think that my favorite bloggers have a big influence on my style and also in the items that I buy! I'm more easily influenced by bloggers than for campaigns for example!

  10. Such an interesting topic Gail!
    1) I think it's intelligent and it's a really good idea as nowadays, there are more and more people reading fashion blogs and I think it's actually working well for them, if no the would have stopped this kind of promotion no?!
    2) No I didn't, and this is not what I expect from my blog.
    3) Yes I do and I'm sure many of us do!
    4) For bloggers it's an opportunity to get known by representing the image of a brand and for online brands it's usefull to reach a larger target (depending on which brands of course, not everybody can afford/wear Cartier or Louis Vuitton!)

    See you Gail xx

  11. great post.
    Its a mutual benefit since the bloggers will help the brands in creating an online presence

  12. this is avery informative post, actually read through most of the comments! Am a new blogger so still figuring out my way! at this point I just love fashion and dressing up is an everyday thing. so am enjoying my blogging journey! if i do get some brands to support that will be awesome, but till then happy with all the love i get from other bloggers!
    do check out my latest post.

  13. I think this is a really interesting topic! A few times i bought something because i saw a blogger wearing it, but i also buy something when i see a great piece in a magazine. Bloggers are a good way to promote items and/or a brand, but sometimes the blogger ceases to be credible to me, when all they do is posting sponsored items or text which is clearly promoted. So i think as a blogger, you have to be careful about what you do, then it could definitely work.

  14. Dear Gail, thank you this is a smart and interesting post! Like you I bought in the past magazines - in fact each week tons of them. But now I buy only about 3 - 4 a month as I prefer to see looks online. Yes, some of the highstreet brands asked me for collaborations, honestly I was not always satisfy with them. Some of them used pressure so that finally I decided not to collaborate with them. Further the money they offered me was not in relation to what I should do for them. If I buy what I see on other bloggers? Yes, sometimes but not really often if I see this was a collaboration :) I'm not sure if it is really an advantage for the highstreet brands to use blogs for advertising ... but I think blogs are too pupular to ignore them. I wish you all the best for your Master degree!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  15. What an interesting topic to focus on? I think bloggers do have some degree of influence but I wonder about the credibility sometimes when I see the same product being promoted by a number of bloggers.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. cheeky you for doing research via your blog, haha! wish i could do the same..
    1) i think that it can be a good and beneficial relationship when both sides get to decide how they work together. obviously there'll be people who'll try to only benefit from the other, mainly brands exploiting bloggers, but i think that's kind of getting better and the relationship has become more professional as well.
    2) i haven't.
    3) not really, i might be inspired to get myself something similar in style, but i don't think i've ever bought clothing just because i've seen it on other bloggers. have done that woth make-up and beauty products, though!
    4) more accessible maybe, and people seeing items on fashion bloggers might see them more relateable and thus be more beneficial to brands.

  17. Ooh, this is an interesting post! I would say there are definite benefits of brands collaborating with bloggers - however due to each one following different guidelines, it's still blurry territory. I have definitely tried/bought items after seeing and reading blog reviews, I find myself trusting bloggers (and often friends in that community) more than magazine articles or other 'less friendly' forms of media.

    Have a lovely weekend, Gail! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  18. I do believe that blog advertising really works, because it is much more credible than traditional media. Also, when a blogger is wearing a piece of clothing, readers can see how it looks on a real person, as opposed to a photoshopped size 0 model. I have actually purchased things that I saw on other blogs and those purchases have all been good decisions so far!

    Bella Pummarola

  19. I think it helps when the blogger posts high quality content, and maybe does a giveaway or something to get the reader interested in the brand. I wouldn't have known about some of the lesser known brands if it weren't for bloggers!

  20. I think this is an interesting topic to bring up, and an interesting set of questions to ask! :)
    I buy magazines and I read blogs. When I'm reading blogs, I'm looking for real every day style. When I'm reading magazines I'm looking for editorials and perfectly posed photoshoots. To me, it's a different purpose for each. While I have bought things from bloggers, and I do follow bloggers that are given things by companies, I only do so where they are up front and honest about it. If a blogger suddenly starts featuring or wearing things that they wouldn't usually do, from a brand they wouldn't normally buy from, that's a big red flag to me, and I'll un-follow If I haven't already. There is nothing wrong with having those advertising relationships, if the purpose of the blog is to advertise and make money. it's just not the kind of blog I follow and frequently read.

    Away From The Blue

  21. 1). What do you think about how high street retailers use bloggers to promote their names? And does it really work?
    - I think it's incredibly smart on their part because they are keeping up with the times. People nowadays are constantly using their gadgets and reading fashion blogs because it is convenient and accessible. That is why it works. Fashion blogs are the new magazines.

    2). Have you ever had any experiences in collaborating with high street brands or online retailers? And how did you work with them? By creating blog posts,vlogs etc?
    - Yes. Mostly I had to write blog posts about them and their brand.

    3). Have you ever considered about buying clothes regarding what you have seen on other bloggers?
    - Yes. I always save photos of fashion bloggers whose outfits I like and want to recreate.

    4). What is the real benefits of online brands and fashion bloggers?
    - They are easily accessible, anytime and anywhere. And they get immediate feedback from their readers.

  22. Interesting post!


  23. I have worked with a few brands before and seen my fair share of sponsored posts from other bloggers. I have never actually purchased anything because another blogger was wearing it.I guess that because I'm not easily influenced by others. However I have discovered new brands and will always keep them in my mind for the next time i'm looks for something specific

  24. Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate it :) !!

  25. 1. Yes I do.

    2. No, I haven't. But, I'm in dire need of collaborating with brands. I would really appreciate it.

    3. Of course, yes. I loved the Doctor Martins boots you had on a couple of months ago. I have purchased items I loved due to publicity from social media.

    4. Fashion bloggers are the FUTURE of Advertising.

    Sorry I'm late dear. I hope this helps..