Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boots Errrrday

Every post, every photo on my Instagram, everything is all about me wearing a pair of tomboyish boots. I can't even remember when was the last time I wore heels ...Maybe a few months ago. The feeling of wearing high-heel can be like a nightmare for me since I can't stand still, it feels like I am going to fall down all the time. Personally, it takes a lot of effort to walk in heels as a model, and I have no idea how some people do that all day when 15 minutes are more than enough for me. 

When the weather is about to get (really) cold, I do not have too many options, but layering to make myself warm. I paired this Looney Tunes co-ord set with vibrant pink coat from Primark, and boots from the street market. I couldn't tell how much I felt a bit like a fluorescent woman walking around Manchester with the combination of these colours altogether. Again, I matched the look with my favourite boots and I hope you guys still excited to see how I style my clothes in each look :)

Taking a photo in Manchester be like..

Boot Wishlists

                       Ankle Boots by Jones Bootmakers
                            Soldier Knee Length Boots by Jones Bootmakers  

Just in case any of you want to know what type of boots I am wearing this season, here is the answer. I would go for both ankle and high-knee boots since we all know it is getting cold, and the sexy long boots are back! Ankle boots are what I always wear in every season because they match perfectly with my style. However, these long boots also give me the rocker sensation, which I really love. So, having both in the wardrobes would be a wise choice this Fall/Winter! 


  1. You rock it doll I love the pink coat stunning.

  2. Firstly, fabulous look! Secondly, I do understand where your coming from with wearing heels. Not everyone loves wearing them. My opinion on heels is I would wear them every minute of the day if I could. I love how they elongate your legs, make you look and feel taller and they make me personally feel more feminine! I understand everyone has their own style which is awesome, and you certainly rock a great pair of boots fabulously everytime! I just love heels xD I also love a good pair of boots though (maybe just more than one pair though hehee!).

    Isobel x
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  3. Amazing look my darling

    New post is on >>>> <<<<

  4. I live in boots, up until recently all I owned were boots my Docs are just perfect for this gloomy weather! BTW I love your outfit so much it's such a fun print xoxo


  5. che bello il cappottino di questo colore,mi piace moltissimo

  6. Fab coat, amazing and playful outfit <3

  7. I love your amazing coat, it looks so pretty :)

  8. I love your colorful, fun style!! that pink coat is adorable on you!! it will get cold in Japan in a month or two, not looking forward to it haha!

  9. I'm totally in love with this kind of lace up ankle boots. They're so comfy and I'm actually wearing them all the time when off duty. ;D Lovely and fun "gone with the wind" outfit, Gail.


  10. That looney tunes co-ord looks so cool on you :) xx

  11. I love your bright pink coat. Very cool look.

  12. I suddenly want those leggings :P

    The Cutielicious

  13. tão linda!!! adorei de mais ;)
    Sandra Color-s

  14. Wow, the pink coat and the rest of your outfit is so amazing! Personally it happens that I'm able to walk much better in heels than in flats but I registered that I tend to wear more and more flats as I find them much cooler :) Enjoy your weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. So lovely pink coat :)
    Thank you for your mail, and I replied now!


  16. Great picks! Are you going on a hot date? Happy Halloween, babe! xoxo

  17. Love this look, so cool! Have a great weekend

    kisses Adela Acanski

  18. I love how you often/always wear boots, they've become part of your edgy style identity! Personally, I'm all about the heels - the higher, the better! haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  19. I think boots are really comfortable to wear! I use to wear heels all the time (7 days a week) then I had an accident and injured my knee and I only wear them a few times a month. or not at all right now, as I injured my knee again haha! They are a good cosy option for cold days too.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  20. Gail I adore how you wear all these crazy cartoon-print pieces and totally rock them! I LOVE the pink coat- you are like a walking smile. I totally know what you mean about heels- if I wear high ones for more than an hour I am in sooo much pain

    Rachel xx

  21. I like boots from your wishlist very much!

  22. i rmr primark having the cutest character outfits! haha this outfit definitely sums up your character :P

  23. Seriously! your jacket is soo cute! I was wondering what camera do you use? btw I enjoy reading your blog, maybe you might enjoy mine :)

  24. You always look so cool! I recently shot here too, such a good location isn't it! x

  25. This style is just amazing ! I really love your coat. You are so cute :)

  26. I love how you always wear and style your boots, babe! They give a bit of touch look to your pairings, which is always balanced out nicely with fun and bold prints and colors. I simply love your style :)

    Thanks for sharing your wish list and amazing look and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!