Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why We Should be Honest in Blogging

A few years ago, I was hesitating to publish the post filled with a few F words, which I was asked "Do you think it's ok to use such language for your audiences?" I thought about it for a while, however, I clicked 'publish' without changing anything eventually. My reason at that moment was "this is my blog, I just want to be myself. It makes me feel disgusted to pretend, or to use beautiful words when my personality is not like that. I just want the audiences to get to know me with my sincere words." Deep down, I realize this is the online publication where everyone can access, and judge 'us' as the bloggers/writers by the words, but at the end of the day this blogosphere is ours, and I think we should be honest when blogging. 

There is a fine line between the words 'myself' and 'others' It is impossible to say whatever we think in public because we are feared by the criticism of others. I read a lot of blogs constantly, and sometimes it makes me think whether what they publish is true. It's hard to figure it out, isn't it? When bloggers are paid or sponsored by the brands, and advertising agencies to review the products with the expectation of 'positive feedback' This is reality, the unintentional influence of the fame and money. What's the reason of being a blogger? 

Of course, this online sphere is like a diary, or even a career for some people who take blogging to the whole new level of making money. I am one of the full-time bloggers, and the reason why I have been on this road for four years is to inspire people. It is normal if we want to be loved, to be liked by followers. It excites me every time I gain followers, it makes me feel good when I get paid by writing The Equinox Fashion. I want to be known by the readers, I work so hard because I need to make it. It is normal for us to think in a similar way. However, don't lose your identity to such excitement, because you have to realize who you are at this point. You are the boss of your blog, not a puppet of the sponsored brands. 

Being honest is the valuable character in all of us. It allows the audiences to get to know who we really are. Don't let anybody control how our blogs should be, because once we are led by their words, it is hard to pull ourselves back. This also applies to the product review, when honesty is the most important. I have received a lot of emails to promote the products, though, I have never used them. I know 'likes' are crucial, but I don't want to risk my name being questioned if I really use it or not. I have created this blog by my own two hands, starting from being refused by the brands to nowadays when they approach me. I don't want to be used, that's all. I only want to review the products, or work with the brands which reflect my personality only. Every time I receive an email regarding the collaboration, I check those brands many times, including whether their Instagram accounts fulled with fake likes and followers or not (obviously, some do.) 

Just like this time, when I work with Daniel Wellington. I love the concept of this luxury watch brand, as well as, the materials that worth the price. I received the watch of my choice (Grace Glasgow) and I really love the combinations of white, black and rose gold. It is very easy to pair this Grace Glasgow with any outfits due to its colours, that are adaptable to every occasion. I have seen lots of bloggers wearing this brand, and it is interesting how they all mix and match their looks with these minimalistic watches. 

Thinking about buying one? Don't forget to enter 'dwtequinox' for 15% off. 

Outfit- Front Row Shop
Bag- New Look
Earrings- Hidden Treasure
Eyewear- Lespecs


  1. I'm a big believer you should have control how you address about product every blogger should keep in mind a consumer could sued them due to the lies. I have to use my post from yesterday for example I did the post to help small business I did not get paid and they wanted me to take away the part it states about us their words from their website they like it to be organic. I told them to me organic is the true and if I did not receive or experience any direct business with you I be dam to lie to my followers about any of your product and in how the items will get to them just to make your company look good. Nice watch great post.

    1. That's really a good point, thanks for sharing Jackie. I feel like some of the brands just want to use our blogs for their own sake only. They don't care if we really use the products, as long as, we can expose on social media, etc. I was once really frustrated working with the marketing agency, which I will never ever work with again. She is the representative, called as manager, but her work was really below the standard. She wanted me to change my style of writing, also words to be her own company. Disgusting, isn't it

  2. so beautiful.you look awesome
    Love those sunnies

  3. Great post dear! You look amazing

    Please click on the link on my post

  4. Your hair looks so cute like this :) xx

  5. honestly is so important and glad you pointed that out! love your corn rows babe! I hope you find a japanese recruitment agency!! fingers crossed x

    1. I will try my best, every day Samanta さんが会いたいね:)

  6. It's so important to be real + yourself.
    Love your DW watch!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Dear Gail, what a cool dress you are wearing today and I love also your hairdo! I appreciate your blog especially as I'm convinced you are honest and this makes your blog outstanding. Sometimes I have similar thoughts like you and I wonder myself if this is true what other bloggers are writing. Personally I blog especially for my own pleasure and entertainment and as I nearly have zero cooperations and obligations in the context of my blog fortunately I'm free to write what I want - and what I'm definitely doing :) Wish you further many success!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. This is very true I agree with everything you say, I think it's very important to be honest on your blog also I'm loving the way you've styled your hair it looks awesome xoxo


  9. Be who you are, be outspoken, and who likes you will follow you. Great post

  10. Very cute look !


  11. It's almost 5am Bangkok time, and my eyes are fully wide and I just finished reading you post..believe it, or not Gail?! Nowadays, I see a lot of fashion bloggers who start the blog with personal style ,but turn to e-shopping mannequin-they lose their personality. Very inspiring post, I really love it :)xo

  12. I couldn't agree more with you, Gail! Authenticity is really imporant in the blogosphere, it's a shame that many lose it through their journey. I've been always an advocate of raw honesty... and it seems to be quite challenging nowadays. Such a shame... Thank you so much for your inspiring and thought provoking post, Gail!! Great job, dear! Love your blog.

    xoxo Ira

  13. I think being honest is so important whether it is in a job that is not on the web or as a blogger. Being professional is of course important but there is still a way to push boundaries a bit and be yourself while still being professional.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  14. Gail I love how you aren't afraid to be yourself- both in your words and in your outfits :) This dress/coat is absolutely gorgeous and so quirky. Don't get me started on your hair either- so AMAZING!!! Loving the DW watch too- they are so classic

    Rachel xx

  15. I totally agree! We must be honest and be ourselves on the blog and in life!
    I loved your hair :)


  16. I love this brand of watch and I agree with you, we must be honest always. Kisses
    el blog de Sunika

  17. Great post :) love your sunnies!


  18. This article is absolute perfection. Since I know you personally I can tell that I can see your personality behind your voice or in this case your words.

  19. Perfect post and love your personality!! Thanks for sharing

  20. I like the watch you picked out - it definitely is something that easily works with any outfit. & I agree about being honest as a blogger. You shouldn't try to sound different or act different for your followers or for brands who may want to be portrayed in a certain light. This blog is your space and it should be curated in a way that best suits you.


  21. I've always loved your honesty on The Quinox Fashion and feel the same way on every point you've made. I only ever share products I genuinely love, meaning I remove the element of 'negative reviews' and leave everything featured to be positive and upbeat. You're so right in saying that you shouldn't lose your identity when blogging as well - I've always been the more gentle type and so make sure to always let that show through my blog, no matter what. I adore your hairstyle here by the way, it's so edgy - you wear it so well!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  22. It's important to be honest....
    Btw, I love your dress!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  23. A lot of people in the blogosphere want to appear different as they are in real life and at long time this dont'pay! There's nothing more transparent Than the internet world
    I love your look babe


  24. I totally agree with what you said in this post...honesty is so important in blogging! Also love the outfit!


  25. You look so beautiful, Gail! Honesty is key!!

    Laura xxxxxx

  26. I couldn't agree more, Gail. I feel like that is why a lot of us start blogs - because it is a platform to express ourselves and it is sad that we often feel like we need to be censoring what we say. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts :)

    M xx
    Lois Lennon

  27. love those hair!:)