Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Not Feel Awkward at Fashion Event

Feeling nervous when attending a fashion event or blogger event alone? ME TOO! Though others may think that fashion bloggers do look so confident in the photos on Instagram, I am one of them who feels nervous when I go to the event every time. However, practice makes perfection, from the awkwardness to a better state of mind, here is how to not feel awkward at the fashion event, based on my experience. 


To start a conversation with others is not easy, especially when we know no one! However, the best solution I've done so far is to 'compliment' them. Basically, I just approach other bloggers by saying how much I like their outfits, or styles. It is not a fake approaching because we will be able to find people with good styles, or they may wear something we are looking for. People love to hear good words about themselves, and so do I. No one wants to start a conversation with the words like 'gosh, your jacket looks horrible' right? Good and positive words always start a great conversation. I feel like the conversation can run smoothly when we both talk about the same topic such as interest, fashion, or blogging. After opening the conversation with others, just ask them what their blogs are, or what do they do for a living. It may sound difficult, but it can be as simple as it can be. Eventually, we will be able to get more connections with the people we meet at the events. 


Don't know what to do when everyone seems to know each other? Just act busy! Whenever, I have no one to talk to, I keep taking photos. Instead of standing around the corner by oneself, why not acting as if we have got something to do? It is a great moment, when we can take a closer look at the new collection, or the decoration of the venue. At least, we are not wasting the time!


Keep smiling is not only showing the 'friendly' personality, but also attracting others. When people smile at me, I feel like I want talk to them more. 


  1. Great look on you those sunnies rock! Lovely advice to keep smiling.

  2. haha I so feel ya! I don't go often to such events, so most of the times I don't know anyone. And it's just so awkward sometimes. Anyway good advice! x J from I ate noodles for breakfast

  3. Very cute outfit


  4. ohh babe u are gorgeous!!!!! those glasses! where are they from? kisses

    Amazing outfit, really on point my dear! Always fab! Have a nice day xxx

    BamBam Blog


  5. Dear Gail, as usual you share not only true but also helpful tips. In situations like those you describe here it helps me most what one day a wise person told me, namely that the other people in the room are all more insecure than the own person :) You look so cool and stylish in your look and you can't do anything other than feel confident in it.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. I'll have to remember these the next time I attend an event. I always feel so shy and awkward. I've used the "take pictures and get busy" trick before and that works wonders.


  7. Great tips! I felt so uncomfortable at my first blogger event, but just introducing yourself and smiling is so important! It all gets easier from there :) it's fun to meet new people that share your interests.


  8. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so inspiring, amazing pictures
    lovely :)

    with love your AMELY ROSE and don’t forget to check out my INSTAGRAM

  9. I'm not being anti-social, but I rarely attend events cause I don't like to mingle around. Maybe I've been in the airline industry for too long, so tired of socializing. Hahaha! xoxo

  10. Really helpful tips! I always feel really awkward at events but I'm hoping it will get easier :) xx

  11. Very informative post. Love your outfit. Awesome pictures :)

  12. Cool sunnies!

    Have a lovely new month :)

  13. Cool sunnies and great pics:)

  14. this look is so effortless. and ur snazzy sunnies are the best.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  15. These are wonderful tips. Most times at events like this, everyone has their noses in the air.

    Whenever you can, I'd love to have you visit my blog

  16. We have a great taste in music hehe <3
    I always wanted to go to a fashion event, I hope I can go a day! I liked your shoes ;)

  17. Great post. Couldn't agree more about taking photos :D However I try to always bring someone when I go to an event. It's less awkward for me but not always possible. Great out also :)

  18. Going party alone has been trouble for me, but I am looking forward next time!
    I will take many photos!!! Thank you, Gail :)


  19. Och, great outfit!
    Perfect shoes.
    LOVELY <3

  20. those sunglasses are so unique! love your dress as well! I always have a hard time striking up a conversation, so I try to find someone I know haha

  21. Your glasses look outstanding ! They're great !!


  22. Great tips! I think for any events, not just fashion blogger ones! :)

    Your statement sunglasses are so awesome too!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  23. fantastic post my dear!! you look stunning :D great tips, thanks! <3 xoxo