Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why Instagram is good for your profile

After giving it a try on the video of the Australian model who blamed Instagram for ruining her life, there are several points I both agree and disagree. In fact, I have stated my opinions towards this platform before. We can buy followers and likes depending on the budget we have. What about Shoutout? Yes, we can absolutely buy a shoutout account to promote our Instagrams also. To me, it seems like Instagram has turned to a business equipment when brands can scout for the influencers, while some can get obsessed with fame, numbers of followers, etc. The truth is I often give a break from Instagram because I feel disgusted with these facts, however, I do think that it is one of the great social channels to build the profiles, especially for bloggers like us, Instagram can be our portfolios too. I have had my account 'Thequinoxfashion' for 1.5 year, and this is my opinion.


During my participation with Adidas Neo, I told them that the reason why I loved using the Instagram was because of the 'aesthetic visual' Our accounts are our own portfolios! I think the way each of us post a photo differently is good for presenting our creativity individually. Our themes are different, and so do our styles. Instagram can somehow tell the personality of the users, which it is very interesting. Particularly, some companies require the social media when the candidates applying for the job also. I do not really like the idea of giving Facebook to the HR because it is my personal. So, I prefer Instagram because it contains only visual no words. My FB consists of too many rude words, and I think it is too personal lol. Unless any of us want to post whatever including drunk and party photos, just forget about this point ok. 


It is normal for brands to discover bloggers, and bloggers discover brands. I have received emails saying 'we found you on Instagram' Which it is quite handy. We do not need to search Google, or ask for a PR email address when Instagram says it all. I love discovering new boutiques, and young talented brands. I don't know some of them have really good designs, and characters. More unique, more creative!


I have to admit that Instagram really helps me connect with other fellow bloggers from all around the world. From UK, to Japan, Australia, it feels good to get to know people, though we live 10,000 miles away from one another. My closed friends are not a fashion blogger, so they may not be able to give me some suggestions regarding the topic about blogging. However, this platform has led me to the opportunities when I could meet other bloggers in person. Actually, I always get excited (every time!) when I have a chance to meet the users behind the accounts I have followed. It is like WHOA! YOU ARE REAL, AND NOW WE ARE HERE!!

There are good and bad when using the Instagram, but it really depends on how we use it. I use it for myself, because I don't want this technology to consume my life, and the way I think. It really doesn't matter how many followers we have, it is all about the aesthetic and memory we want to create. 


  1. I get collaboraters on my IG acct I agree their is good and bad things about it.

  2. I heard about the Australian girl, but she just gave into the pressures. I do it for work and half for fun so I never thought it ruined my life.

    1. She said she quit the social media, but now she's back. Idk about her, but for me it's fun to take photos xD She said she had to not eat all day in order to take a great body shot, while me eating all day but still having fun on IG loooool

  3. I'm not very active on Instagram as compared to Facebook. It's really hard to keep up with all the social media sites. xoxo

  4. I completely agree with you Gail! Instagram can have it's good and bad points. Some times more bad than good as it can depress people as the viewers see a picture of a model and wish they were them. For all the viewer thinks and see's is a completely different story to who is actually within the picture. The viewers don't always understand the story behind the picture. As not everyone is perfect and a photo does not show a whole persons life, they are only seeing the good points in the persons life. Another thing with followers, I totally agree. Why is it people want to buy followers and likes? It's fake people! I feel it's all about connecting with the actual people behind the accounts like you said. Especiially when meeting them at events. Great views as usual Gail.

    Isobel x
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  5. great one gail - i agree on how you shouldn't let these social media platforms consume your life. after all, it's just a tool to express yourself and your creative mind :)

  6. bellissima raccolta di foto

  7. I agree - I like Insta as a way to build my "brand" and it's easy and quick to see other posts as well.

  8. All social media channels are an outlet for businesses. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. I love Instagram because it's definitely an outlet to explore, as you said. I found gorgeous photos, spectacular photographers & bloggers from it. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  9. Great post! There are definitely pros and cons, but you can't take it so seriously and let it get to you (easier said than done!). I love being able to connect with friends, family and other bloggers.


  10. Grrr that stupid Aussie girl annoyed me- I think that she made that video to get more attention :p I agree that it's really good as a visual means- there's something so satisfying about seeing all your work laid out in squares

    Rachel xx

  11. In my opinion it's the best app ever! The possibility of connecting with people with the same interest is unreal! Having said that I just joined like 4 months back but love it!

  12. Great post! thankyouu for sharing :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  13. Amazing photos!


  14. Great post and amazing photos :)

  15. I agree. All social media has the ability to consume you if you let it but I really love Instagram. I've had brands approach me solely from that and I love connecting with other bloggers through it.


  16. I really really like instagram but sometimes I feel really disapointed because I don´t have many followers. Sure i know that´s not important, but it stll annoys me! so many People just follow, so that you follow thwm, and if not they stop following.....:(

  17. I agree with your last point so much. There are lots of good and bad points to instagram, but the most important thing to remember is that we shouldn't let it consume our lives and we should enjoy using it, not get obsessed with it.

    I realised I was always on instagram so I've cut down the number of times a day I'll look at it - it's not the end of the world if I don't check it every hour, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  18. Thanks for this post, dear Gail and like Mica T I agree especially to your last point. Personally I don't have Instagram but mainly due to time reasons :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  19. Yup, it has it's benefits and disadvantages. Met a lot of fun people and connected with them outside of instagram.

  20. such amazing post! definitely agree with you :)


  21. Like your fotos, posts and opinione about Instagram

  22. Lovely photos! I agree with what you said and I love using Instagram :) xx