Monday, January 25, 2016

What is Master's Degree in Fashion Management ?

For those who are deciding whether to take a Master's Degree in fashion management or not, you may find my experience useful to make a decision clearly. Some might know that I have recently graduated with such fashion degree from Manchester, UK (not going to state the university since this post is consisted of both positive & negative notes.) However, I have never explained in detail of what did I study, only thoughts even before I accomplished the degree. If you are thinking about pursuing the career in this field, have a read carefully. 


As mentioned before, the syllabus of the fashion management (similar to fashion marketing) was intense. Yet, there were two majors to choose from; marketing or buyer. If you are a type of a campaign/promotion planner, social media marketer, and communication thinker, just go for the marketing (like I did). However, if you are a pro in mathematics, able to evaluate the price and profit you can make from the fabric, and love analysing the report, then I would recommend the buyer. No offense, I love analysing the data in terms of users, and strategies not the pure numbers, therefore, buyer couldn't be my BFF for a year. 

Though, the course took only 12 months, it didn't require the whole year to go to the campus. The first time was a must for me, however, I only went to the university about 3 days a week. The second term was alright, still not to attend every day, but the third term was the best because there's no classes required (YESSSSS!), only dissertation period. I worked on my thesis from home, and only went to see my supervisor once in a while. 


The Masters course in the UK mostly takes only a year to graduate. Yet, it is not cheap (well, it is still cheaper compared to 2 years in the US). For British citizen, obviously it is cheap, but for international students, it takes up to 19K GBP. Mine was about 12,500 GBP not included the materials, and other fees (this is the UK, and nothing is cheap). You can pay once in order to get 10%-20% discount, or pay separately. I choose the latter! Btw, there's no loan for international students.   


100% report assignments. I only had 2 group works, and the rest was my responsibility. There were days when I spent my day working at the campus or library until 1 am. I guess it is normal for students anyway. So, bear in mind that being a Master student ain't easy at all. Personally, I feel like I could learn from doing the research, reading journals and textbooks online more than the actual classes. This's something I wish the course could change. 


Obviously, I learnt in depth from the research not the class experience. I think getting the MA on the resume (CV) is a great way to have better opportunities in career. More salary, yet more expectation. This Master's course taught me how to be more patient, as well as, conduct the research up to the standard that everything had to be perfect. I have become more organise person, since not only the assignments, but as one of fashion bloggers based in Manchester, I also had to work on my blog, collaborating and attending the fashion events in town. It was not easily done  since I had so many things going on with my life. That's the reason why scheduling everything in order was very helpful. See, at least these are the advantages of the MA degree. 


As some of us know that I love social media marketing! Somehow, the courses I took were not what I expected. Everything I learnt in the class came from the online sources, and nothing really in-depth in terms of the online marketing strategies. What is B2B? What is B2C? How to plan on the online marketing? How the brands engage the customers and make the revenue online? How ASOS makes millions dollars by using the social media? NONE that I could learn...

I even felt as if I wasted almost 13 GBP on the things I wish I could get from the classes. To be honest, if you need to improve the education status, then getting the MA may be the right option. However, if you want to work in the fashion industry, then experience is the most important. Getting a higher degree than anybody else doesn't mean that you are superior. I have seen a lot of people with the MA degree but can't do shit. Some big brands do require the Master Degree but only when the position is a manager, or specialised field. 

You can learn up-to-date SEO strategy online ( I didn't even learn about this in the class either) Google is one of the best teachers for me because I have learnt so much from blogging, and reading online. 

ฺBlazer- mom's
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  1. Love that denim dress a lot !


  2. Gail, the thought of it sounds so cool! Wish I've the chance to choose again........ xoxo

  3. Love your outfit here! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I've always wanted to study something in the field of fashion, and marketing seems like a good option. We'll see when I graduate this year lol!

  4. Helpful information for anyone interested in that field for MA I have my in finance. I love the outfit is so simple but stylish always trendy doll. I agree with google best SEO strategy I bet so many of us learn on google.

  5. u look absolutely fantastic dear. This jacket brings a breath of fresh air, and perfect for a day out.
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  6. Dear Gail, I appreciate it always that you share here so helpful posts! It was interesting for me to read about this degree and I think the right thing for you. Interesting you have been so free in your time scheduling!
    And I love your outfit, the jacket is perfect and the denim dress, too.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. Great post babe! Thnx for sharing, also love your colourful outfit

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  8. Yayyy your Mum's blazer- I always love you in this piece! The Hidden Treasure earrings are stunning too! Thanks for being honest about your experience, I have often considered a masters, but, as I found in my undergrad degree and as you have mentioned, how much do you actually learn that you can put into play in the workplace? Nonetheless,you should be incredibly proud that have a Fashion MA! You are immediately above 95% of all applicants when it comes to jobs :)

    Rachel xx

  9. You look really cool, I love your blazer!

    Bella Pummarola

  10. Gorgeous look, I totally love your blazer :) Also, very interesting topic, thanks for sharing :)

  11. so so great look, I love the mic of colrs and pattern here

  12. Beautiful look love the coat.

  13. Its nice to read your thoughts on schooling specifically on the masters level
    You looks dear,great patterns

  14. this was a great article, I'm sure all your hard work paid off. and crazy how you managed to blog as well during all the research!

  15. Your research is convincing me!
    UNIQLO top is so cute :)))


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