Friday, February 19, 2016

How To Gain Followers on Instagram

First of all, I am not an Instagram expert, therefore this article is just based on my experience. I do not have a lot of followers, but with the numbers I have gained so far, I am really satisfied with the progress I have made. Here are some of my effective tips how to gain the followers on Instagram without buying followers. FYI, this is not the ultimate goal when we can get 500 followers in a day. This is a gradual process with the effective fan base.  


This is the most important rule we have to consider before posting anything. If you are not serious about this platform, then forget about this, but if you have used it in order to make money, the photo quality is the first and foremost importance. Some say creating the Instagram as a theme, but I would say it is better to make it as we like. The theme is not just about the same colors throughout the platform, because it can be the story we are trying to tell too. I do not really use the Photoshop to change or adapt the colours in each picture, so I try to make it as a whole similar theme which goes along. The Equinox Fashion Instagram consists of black, white, and grey, I can't make all of the pictures go in the same tone, so I have tried to develop it another way round. 


Posting in the right time results in a great feedback! I used to use Iconosquare (when it offered a free service) to analyse my platform. I really loved it actually, because it showed everything we needed to know, such as the engagement from other users, popular contents, etc. However, it is all up to the individual account, though my prime time is in P.M. not in the morning. Overall, I used the app to evaluate my channel, and use it only as a guideline because sometimes I didn't get the best result as it suggested. 


Likes & comments back are the great way to engage with other Instagrammers. I feel like the more I comment on others' photos, the more I can reach them. I know it sounds weird like you don't know me, I don't know you, it just looks weird to comment on stranger's photos. In fact, I don't think it is weird because it shows that we have the similar interest such as fashion, photography, etc. Apart from connecting with you guys on The Equinox Fashion blog, it is also fun to interact with others on that online platform as well. 


Have you ever noticed when people follow you, then unfollow in the next 2 or 3 days? Yep, I have. Not even surprise, a lot of people do that. It is not the right method at all (more like annoying). It is no use if we concern the numbers of the followers too much. In fact, people are not stupid. 

Kimono- Missguided


  1. Love your outfit here! xo

  2. My followers it goes up and down I do not join those app to gain follower I prefer to see if it goes up on its own and for what I see it goes up and down everyday. So now I know when people buy or join those app real people drop and it takes longer to gain followers.

  3. Love the look, u look amazing, such an informative post!

  4. although i couldn't care less about the number of followers, etc i really dislike those who only follow expecting a follow back like you said. like come on, you really have nothing better to do? haha anyways, you're always sharing the most interesting contents here gail :) always enjoy reading your posts!

  5. Great tips girl, I definitely agree with interacting with other users. I like to comment on other pages just to create common ground and sometimes that helps in getting more followers. As for having a defined them, I've given up, its too much work. I love the pop of colour from your kimono and those boots are dope.

    Princess Audu

  6. The follow then unfollow thing is really annoying. I have a site that let's me keep track of that. I think picture quality and also posting at the right time when your audience is around is key.


  7. Stunning kimono, so pretty
    Have a lovely weekend

    kisses Adela Acanski

  8. This is a great guide to gaining followers on Instagram Gail, especially as it's actually something I'd putting some energy into right now :) I'll bear these in mind - and I'm glad you mentioned how frustrating it is when bloggers follow and then unfollow to gain followers!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  9. thanks for your tips <3 the last one..Yes, I've experienced it too, yeaa..annoying XD

    your outfit is a perfection! your hair and the outer <3 <3 <3

  10. fantastic post as usual my dear, love this outfit!! :D xoxo

  11. The whole posting time thing is very tricky. Works sometimes and doesn't work most times. I also think sometimes people follow and expect you to follow back. And then they unfollow if they dont get the follow back. It's crazy. But you look far from crazy. Adorable!!!

  12. Sad to say, I'm not very active in Instagram. Just no time for so all the social media sites. Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  13. Love your outfit! I hate when people follow me and then unfollow,i think that there isn't a more annoying thing in the world :)

  14. I struggle with Instagram a lot. Anyway, I love what you are wearing. Especially that cape.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  15. I super love your kimono. I will take these tips in mind.

  16. I absolutely love your kimono! So chic <3

  17. Great tips babe and love your feed! I really do see your brand emerge with the similar color palette.
    Thank you for the visit hun, the entire blog’s been redesigned!
    Would love to get your thoughts!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  18. good little tips! and i'm liking this outfit! xx

  19. Dear Gail, so far I don't have Instagram but I'm convinced you are really right with your tips. And I'm further sure that you can be absolutely satisfied with the quality of your photos - and with your amazing outfit, too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. Beautiful look love the kimono

  21. Hey Gail! You are totally spot on with all of these tips! I think that posting time and the quality of the photo are the 2 most important things! It annoys me SO much when people follow and unfollow!

    You are looking stunning as always too! I really love the floral kimono

    Rachel xx

  22. I've noticed the follow then unfollow trend.... pretty annoying. maybe I'll check out iconosquare :)

  23. Awesome! I absolutely had fun reading this. Have a fun-filled day!