Monday, February 15, 2016

How to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Happy Valentine's Day my fellow bloggers! How was your V-day? Did you have a great time with the loved one? I am so jealous, because this time, again, I spent such special day online with my boyfriend instead. Yes, I am talking about the long distance relationship! Some of us may have noticed already about my post on The Equinox Fashion Instagram that I was so not ready for this (again) once I left Manchester, however, it has been almost three years since we dated. It is not that easy, but it is not that difficult either because both of us are quite independent-minded people, and the fact that we do not really have any arguments at all. So, I can say that how we have maintained the long distance relationship is quite work out.


Every relationship is always based on trust. Not just a friendship, but relationship between the two people also. Especially, if we live in a different country (or even time zone just like us), trust each other is really vital. Obviously, we will have our own lives, such as meeting new people, working, hanging out with friends, etc. Opposite genders always be the issue for most of us, however, we need to commit in this relationship 100%. I feel jealous sometimes, when my partner hangs out or meets the new girls, yet it doesn't bother me that much because I have always thought that 'I am doing my best, and if he really wants to go, then it is his loss' It is OK to think that our loved one will never ever cheat on us, but who knows? I am talking about the reality here, that we are all human-being, and we have feelings toward one another. Shit happens sometimes, but let's adhere to the 'now' moment, shall we? If I was not putting my trust in this guy since the beginning, we wouldn't be able to commit in our relationship for almost three years. 


I respect him, he respects me, that's already enough for us. Respect each other! We love each other as partners, and best friends. I don't want to sound rude, but I often say to him ' you know you are my best bitch' lol. Our relationship begins from the friendship stage, and now we have elevated it to the next level and we happy of what we have become. 


As mentioned above that we both are very independent people, and we do need spaces individually. I am not that person who needs to talk on the phone 24/7 since I have some other things in my head such as my blogging career. Thank gosh, I have found the guy who accepts me for who I am. I am a hot-tempered person, and workaholic, so space is all I need. Also, he needs to do his own stuff too. I just can't stick with him 24 hours a day, can I? It doesn't make any senses to just act like 15 year-old teenagers when we are living in the adult sphere. 


Talk to each other about EVERYTHING! I mean it, being opened about every subject matter is very crucial for the relationship because we need to be there for each other. Well, I do not really use Skype as much as I used to, because I have used LINE more. It is kind of Asian chatting app which features call, video call, and it is FREE! It doesn't require lots of memories from the phone, so I am really happy that we do not have to buy the international SIM card anymore. It saves a lot of money indeed! 

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  1. As long as you have trust and a open communication and love, I believe that is very important to have a successful relationship

  2. Amazing post! I enjoyed reading it! This situation is very vivid and I can understand that many people don't like long distance relationships and have the reasons! But if you have your true love the long distance only will make your love stronger! And absolutely can help you to find your soul-mate! I know that it's rather complicated to do it but it's possible!) Good luck)

  3. I agree that all these elements are vital for a good relationship. I'd also add that doing little gestures for the person we love can make a great difference too

  4. aww, thankfully I am married. I love that tee. can't make out what's written. love that lip colour too.

  5. Awesome! I absolutely enjoyed reading this. Happy Wednesday!


  6. Oh, I'm very impressed you maintained your relationsship although you are so far from away for that long time! Your tips are convincing - you know about what you are talking. Love your super cool look including the very wonderful lipstick.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. I've never been on a LDR but i can totally agree with this :) in a relationship actually i feel most of these are important. You rock this look too btw! ;)
    Girl About Town blog

  8. I bet that a long distance relationship would be challenging! All of your tips are so integral for a healthy relationship and your other half sounds like one of the good ones! You look gorgeous as always babe, I am loving your circle choker

    Rachel xx

  9. haha love that last pic of you gail, you're so cute! i would love for us to catch up sometimes next week if you're free :) do you have line?

  10. Really great post!


  11. I was in a long distance relationship for 4 years but when I was much younger but sadly we just grew apart in the end, mainly because I wasn't willing to give up the life I had where I was to be with him. You and your boyfriend sound like you have a great relationship though and are doing everything right to maintain it from such a distance :) xx

  12. very falling in love with your style:)

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  13. It's definitely not easy to maintain a long distance relationship and it involves lots of compromises, but it's worth it :) Love your style and these photos :)

  14. I truly hope your relationship continues!!! I decided to end mine when I came to Japan and for us it was the best decision :)

  15. Gail, we are going through the same exact thing!! You made some good points...all those things are vital components in maintaining your relationship!! Everything will workout!! XOXO

  16. Looks like spring has finally arrived on your end of the world. Embrace all the blooming that is going on.It sure looks gorgeous! So beautiful..

  17. Nice work too informative and very useful for me Thanks....