Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Journey of a Thai Fashion Blogger

Back in my hometown, Bangkok, Thailand, the land of smile. Nothing is better than chilling at your own house surrounded by people you love, isn't it? Several times, when people ask me how the fashion blogging scene in Bangkok is like? And why I have decided to take the journey, aiming to international audiences? The truth is, the blogging industry here is very small, unless you've got whitening skin, big eye contact lens, V-shaped face, that's probably how others would adore you. Forget about the weird hair color such as Lilac, grey, green like in the UK, they are going to think that you are weird. Street style is not the big scene, mostly celebrities endorsement and luxury brands. Well, typical Asian style...


I have never let the attitude or whatever the society has expected discourages me (never ever!) I am so far from the word pretty or beautiful because people here love Korean or Japanese kinda type, so in order to make it a success in my fashion blogging career, I have gotta break every f*** rule as long as I want to grow myself. I still remember when some brands refused to let me review the stores because I was just a random, uninteresting blogger with no social status, it didn't even affect me at all. Thanks to them, because I am a stronger person. I knew how it was going to turn at in the beginner, yet I have made up my mind to fight for it. 

I was working with the Fashion Studio Magazine as a fashion writer/assistant, attended a lot of fashion events, and that's how I got myself in. Well, basically I knew how to contact the PR or organizer, thanks to the art director Eva Fydrych who taught me and allowed me to be a part of this fashion world. After I quit from the online magazine, that's when I have started to take it seriously. "GO BIG OR GO HOME" 


I was crazy enough to get myself a flight ticket to London Fashion Week in 2013 (volunteer ). It was the very first step that opened my two eyes on how the real fashion's like. I was a volunteer, doing nothing but walking around, and seating the guests. For a second, thought I looked like an idiot to be there, but the show must go on lol. 

I have got the experience from LFW now right? That's not enough, I have tried every way to fit myself in, though I have met both good and bad people along the road (that's really normal) I have written for some online retailers, as well as, magazines, being a guest writer, accepting the free offer just to get the collaboration, basically I have tried it all. Let me tell you this, if you really want to make it, you need to put 100% in this blogosphere. There are a lot of competitors out there, but as you know I am not competing with anyone, so I don't really feel anxious, or jealous that much. This is your road, and you can do it! Strong mindset is very crucial, especially the can-do attitude. 

I have set myself not to have a full-time job and go with it because if I fail now, I still have that energy to get back up. All, I have been thinking is, I am not going to wait until I am 50 year-old to make shit happen. If I want it, I will do it 'now' As far as I remember, I have worked with a lot of brands, and designers, even Adidas NEO. 

You can see me as an example that you don't need to be rich, or expose your boobbies to the public, you can do it. It's normal to feel like giving up, but don't hang in there for too long. Start with your hands, and use your brain, while work the body to pose in front of the camera, I believe in you that you CAN.  

*Also, thank you for all the comments in a previous post, I have read all of them, and I love you all so much :) *

Blazer- Romwe
Bag- Zalora Thailand
Shoes- New Look


  1. Hello from Spain: Fabulous backpack. Keep in touch

  2. Such an inspirational post!!! You go girl!!!

    Naomi of www.brentandnaomi.wordpress.com

  3. I totally admire you for following your dream and telling it like it is I think most people think posting a few OOTD photos and having 1000 followers gives them some sort of credibility in this industry but the fact is the most successful bloggers have worked their asses off 24/7 developing relationships and a brand for years to get where they are! You've also reminded me of when I had brown/pink/blue hair a while ago and they didn't like it at all in Thailand lol, I think I probably do dress a bit crazy for their tastes but I have no idea what "normal" is anymore I only know my normal sense of style xoxo


  4. Gail you are such an inspiration! It's so crazy that Asia has such bizarre beauty standards and I think you are far more beautiful and chic! As for skin bleaching cream, that stuff sounds scary and dangerous. It's really interesting to hear your story and I totally agree that to make it in this industry you have to put in one million percent! You look stunning in this look too- I love the tied shirt

    Rachel xx

  5. I was in Bangkok a few months back. Lovely, lovel;y place. land of smiles indeed. By the way I love your hair.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  6. Beautiful pictures!
    You look great!

  7. Such an amazing post! great read! love the outfit

  8. I'm glad you wrote about your journey as a blogger!! Seems like the online magazine really helped kickstart your blogging career!

  9. didn't know that u were Thai, seriously u don't look like either. Would love to see you next time when am there.
    LFW sounds a great kickstart, I could volunteer too now. Just for the exposure.
    U look pretty in blue btw...

  10. I love your photos and outfit! Also, big thumbs up for the fact that you always share your experience with us :)


  11. You are quite the stunner honey! Love the hair, love the look, beautifully written post!
    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back sometime!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. Oh, how wonderful you are back in Thailand, dear Gail! And it was so interesting to read about the differences in blogging between Thailand and GB where you have gone. I'm impressed by your courage and I love as usual your very cool look. Enjoy the time!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  13. I love your raw honesty, Gail! I also believe in breaking the rules!
    Your attitude, girl are inspiring and contagious. ;) Thank you!!


  14. I admire your determination, creativity, style, and spirit!! You're my inspiration!!

  15. I've to say you've come a long way & worked really hard for it, Gail. Thumbs up! xoxo

  16. You are super girl, super Gail )))

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