Friday, February 5, 2016

Image Copyright (How To Protect Yourself)

Have you ever heard from your friends or people you know that their photos were used by other strangers' Instagram/website? Even personally had that issue before? To be honest, I have experienced about that case, and I was really frustrated the fact that my photo was used without giving a credit back to The Equinox Fashion's Instagram account. Either our photos have been used by others, or thinking about finding the inspo from influencer' s social platforms or Pinterest, beware about the 'image copyright


In order to protect ourselves from being sued (yes, bloggers can get sued for featuring photos belong to someone else. I really appreciated the way blogger Roni Loren wrote us what happened to her), providing a photo credit maybe the practical advice. Some might think that it is no use to state where the images come from on the Pinterest or Tumblr since everyone is using those platforms to find the inspiration, but honestly, we should. At least giving the credit back to where we get the source from. Even when we ask for  the permission of the photos, or regram and repost, it is still important to give the credit back to them. 


That's right, if any of us afraids that the photos can be stolen or used by the strangers, then I would recommend to add a tiny watermark or copyright symbol on the picture. I have seen a lot of bloggers have added their names at the center of their images so that they can protect themselves (just in case the watermark at the bottom of the picture will be cropped out).


We can also register to the official website such as Register Your Works, or search for more information on Google. There are some websites we can pay and officially protect our own rights from others.

I know how annoying it was to see my photo on stranger's Instagram. At first, I really had had no idea that my photo was being used, but one of the lovely bloggers tagged my name on the comment straight away. That person did not even say my name, instead she wrote the caption as if the fluffy jacket was hers. Luckily, she deleted the photo after I had commented on it. How lucky I am to have a good blogger fellow in this community! 

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  1. I have old comments from total strangers on my instagram informing me someone is posting my images and it was because the people who ask my permission and link me these strangers did not know glad they notify me, If I was to experience someone taking without permission I will blow their spot and ask why you took my image without asking and giving credit. You look stunning in that dress.

  2. amazin outfit, amazin tips!!! happy friday!! xoxo <3

  3. Great information on protecting our pictures,its so bad to find someone is using someone else's picture with notifying them first
    You look great

  4. These are some really great tips !


  5. Great post and perfect tips. And you look amazing in that dress. :)

  6. That's very useful sources Gail. It happened to me once, by that time I just wanted to share the pictures that I love which may be someone haven't seen before,then about a month after I got the email from the website. I was a little nervous from being sue,finally I calm myself down and write the email to apologize and ask for authorization. It ended nicely. Thanks for sharing this, sometimes one might doesn't have the "stolen" purpose,but "sharing". Really amazing info! Secondly,...Can I have those boots? LoL! I'm kidding :P Very nice outfit ,dear. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog. :)xo

  7. Thanks Gail for this information. I love your outfit!!!

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  10. It must have been so frustrating to find your image used by someone else! I have actually had some professional companies using my food and travel photography without asking for permission. Thanks for these tips Gail :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  11. I rarely see you in dresses, so this is fresh! looking good<3

  12. Thankfully I have never had this happen to me before but i'm definitely taking note!

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  13. Yes, it is so bad what some people do with other peoples work and pictures ... therefore I appreciate your tips, they are so helpful! And I love you in your very cool 70s inspired look including the awesome bootes <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. you always share the most helpful tips gail, thanks!! no one should ever be allowed to use other's hard work as if it's their own! shame on them!

  15. Gail, you are so Kawaii♡
    Thank you very much for sharing very important information!!!