Saturday, March 5, 2016

Blogging Is a Passion, Not 'Competition'

NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS do the numbers can really define who we are? A platform like Blogspot, or Wordpress was once a channel for those who wanted to have a diary online. We could write whatever we wanted without considering the numbers of fans, and followers back then. However, such platform has turned to a million dollar, when bloggers like us can actually make lots of money from it! I am not going to lie, but I think it is a great opportunity to turn what we love, to the career which makes money. Yet, it comes with passion, happiness, or even jealousy. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who want to start this career not only the earnings, but fame also. Free gifts, free clothes, free tickets to the events, who wouldn't love that? But remember that blogging is a passion, not a competition. 


"Why she has so many followers, though she doesn't deserve it?" So many bad and good comments in between in the social media. "OMG I love her style!", "She looks like a bitch to me, why so many people have followed her?", "I wish I had money to buy that Prada bag like her"...Way too many negative attitudes in the online world. Some may say it out loud, but I am sure that there are loads of unspoken bad comments also. Personally, I have seen many bloggers jealous one another, and it seems like a normal trend now. Like I always say that we are just a human-being, therefore it is normal to feel that way. 

However, it can completely change the attitude towards other people by just a number of followers. One day when we have 100 followers, others may talk to us nicely, but once when we reach 100K, they may act differently. This happens in reality! Some are genuinely nice, and happy for the success, but there always be those who secretly jealous and never talk to us anymore. The numbers cannot define who we are. Some might have the real fans, while some may buy followers, who cares? We have started everything by ourselves, and deep down we should know how far we have become. It is all inside our heart, the progress we have achieved, and success we have had.


It will lead to a nightmare, if we let jealousy control us. Some may feel intimidated when seeing big bloggers with loads of followers, but that's a red flag idea because it will stop us from developing the new connection. Once, I met a blogger with so many followers, and I felt a bit nervous because I had no idea how to say hi, or tell her how much I loved her blog because I was scared by her numbers on a social media. However, I made up my mind to get rid of such ridiculous fear, and say hi to her directly. If only I let such down feelings devour me, I wouldn't be able to learn that those big bloggers are normal people just like us. You would be surprised that some are toooo friendly, while some can be arrogant just like that. Normal? Yes, it is absolutely normal! There are good and bad people in the world, so do humble and self-centered people. What I am trying to say is that let those numbers be the drive for success. Let the passion leads us to the goal. If brands are too busy looking for the social status such as those numbers, then fuck it. "YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU DON'T NEED TO COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYBODY" Let the action and dedication lead you to the achievement. 

Cap- H&M
Sunglasses- Topshop


  1. Such a true post! Blogging isn't about numbers, it's about self expression and passion xx

  2. Dear Gail, honestly the only reason why I'm blogging is true passion :) I love it to write and to be in interaction with people all over the world - and with my blog this is possible. Numbers are not my cup of tea but your outfit is my cup of tea as it is so cool and fits you perfectly <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Marvelous style beauty ! Your bag is adorable <3
    I am totally agree with your title, it is a passion ! :)

  4. I agree with your statement I notice people who think they cannot visit a fellow blogger if you do not leave a comment to them I find that ridiculous.They do change when a fellow blogger become popular they think by not visiting is going to affect them omg very sad. Loving your cool outfit.

  5. So true! Such a great post, blogging is passion, not a competition <3 For me blogging is an online diary too, I could write anything that I want, when I'm sad, feel broken, I write it on my post, and I feel better after that xD

  6. I agree :)


  7. Gail, I seriously needed this post. Over the last few days I have been feeling so low about my lack of blog growth that I've considered quitting :/ This has helped- I need to start seeing my blog as more of a hobby again! You look so beautiful as always :) I am loving your quirky denim look and your backwards cap

    Rachel xx

    1. hey love, I know how it feels. It felt horrible when I considered about the numbers because I felt likt my blog's going to no where. However, you can do it, I have a strong faith in you :)

  8. Hi Gail! Nice to meet you! Wonderful post!

  9. I totally agree hun, it is about loving what you do and now-days there is so much negativity and internet bullying, so sad. Girls should stick together not trash one another! Sending love. xxx

    BamBam Blog


  10. very true:-) blogging and other bloggers shouldn't be seen as competition. and the numbers aren't the most important thing, it's more about doing and sharing what you love and maybe possibly getting money out of it and turning something you love into a career! xxx

  11. Amen to that! :) Gail, it's always a pleasure to read your inspiring and motivating words! Definitely with Bam Bam and other ladies here.

    xoxo Ira

  12. Love the t-shirt

  13. Well said! There are a lot of negative thoughts out there but you have to stay true to who you are and stick to your guns. The numbers don't define you just focus on your passions.


  14. Definitely a passion for me! Thumbs up to your awesome post, Gail! xoxo

  15. Love this outfit! You are gorgeous.


  16. well said, I couldn't agree more. That's what keeps me blogging, anyways :) Seeing this outfit is making me excited for summer!!!

  17. Your pineapple bag is so fun! :)

    And you had some wise words in your post too - especially the part about not comparing. We should celebrate and enjoy our own successes without worrying about what other people are doing.

    Away From The Blue Blog