Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sponsored Post: Listerine Thailand

I guess most of us are familiar with the well-known American mouthwash brand like Listerine. Actually, I have recently watched their new ad video, which is all about 'boldness' Though, we all use this word differently, I love the way of incorporating it with my personal style as a blogger of The Equinox Fashion 'Go bold or go home' I say it all the time. What does it take to become a confident person both in front of the camera, and behind the lens? Here are some points I have learnt from this sponsored video by Listerine. 


What is the first impression when we meet others? For me, a genuine smile is the most powerful equipment. Call me crazy, but I brush my teeth three times a day after meal. Some may think, it is too much, while some can't be bothered with this kind of routine as they say they do not have time. However, taking care of the teeth and oral health is such a necessary thing to do. To have a confident when meeting others, I always check my breath and teeth after food. So, I can ensure myself that there is nothing stuck between my teeth, or if my breath is fresh enough.

Can we use just normal water? Yes, we can! Yet, it can't get rid of the smell like garlic, which is the main cooking ingredients of Asian food. It irritates me when I can still smell such herb, or even onion..Sometimes, we just need something to professionally clean our mouths, and that is why I have chosen Listerine as one of the products I have used. In terms of my 'ritual' I even mix warm water and a bit of salt! That is my pure natural option. However, if I feel like I really want it to be 99% 'clean' and effectively kill the bacteria in my mouth, then I would go for something like Listerine, which consists of 4 essential oils.

Trust me, it is very important to brush the teeth after meals. Not only it will clean up of what we eat, but can help in boosting the confidence also. 

*This post has been presented by Listerine but all thoughts and opinions are my own*