Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Be The Best of You (on Social Media)

To motivate the girls out there is my favorite part of this blog. I, myself didn't have much confidence (in every aspect of life) But now I have changed. It has been a while to transform myself to become the 'new me' who enjoys living life through many good and bad circumstances. Being presence in the social media world has been a great fun, yet tiring. There are so many good things about it, but it also causes the negative feelings once in a while. Too many temptations to be like others, too many things to keep up in order to be in 'trend' like everyone else. However, it doesn't matter because we can absolutely be the best version of ourselves on the social media without following the rules. Tbh, it is the best feeling in the world. 


For the years of writing The Equinox Fashion blog, it has taught me many things, especially the individuality of being a fashion blogger. Don't get me wrong, I am not a perfect person because I am just like you guys. I followed every game on the social media, such as Instagram theme. I even purchased the clothes that I noticed on Facebook just to keep myself in the loop like every blogger out there. But really? Did it make me feel happy when I got a lot of likes and compliments? 'You look amazing, I like your suede dress','Gail, I love that lace jumper on you' Of course, these sweet words got my heart beating fast because I felt very happy. Whatever I bought was such a great purchase because it kept me in the game just fine. However, deep down, I stressed myself out just to get myself out there. To the point of limit, I had the break down moment for a couple of weeks because of what I did, which was a shit feeling after all. 

So, I have learnt to let go. I keep telling myself that there is no point to follow everything others do. It is like getting rid of a weight on my shoulders once I have stopped such behavior before it started to consume me. I wanted to have the Instagram theme like every minimal blogger because theirs are so beautiful. I tried, but it didn't work well. Hence, why should I just stress myself out to get the theme like others? I tried green, it was good, but too hard to manage the color because I just couldn't control or change everything to be green, even though, I used the app. It just looked weird to change the table from brown to green. Totally unwise choice. 

However, the more I have learnt to take it easy and be myself, I have enjoyed Instagram and other platforms even more. It's like I don't need to make mine look beautiful just to show others, only myself who satisfied with this aesthetic. That's enough. 

So, how to be the best of you online? Log out from everything and take a break for a couple of days. I don't know about you, but it makes me question 'why do I have to push myself like this?' It is gonna make you ask yourself, and the answer probably is 'what is the point though?' You will feel like f*** it, I will do in my own way and just please myself. Once this feeling occurs inside your heart, you will start to become yourself, and even the better version of who you used to be. 


  1. Great style ! I love your jeans. I do not use social media but for me, stay myself is the most important ! :)

  2. amazing tips and great outfit as usual <3

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  3. I never focus in what others do I enjoy being myself and show on my media what I have to offer.
    Its fun when you see individuality creation out there.

  4. cute outfit ! i love your pants

  5. Love the top so much !


  6. Your honest article make me honest!
    Now I put off wifi after dinner, but sometimes I play Instagram and I am tired and have a nightmare...


  7. Dear Gail, a break makes always sense and you are right also in the context of the social media :) Love your cool and edgy look you are wearing here and I think I learned also a lot from blogging!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. YES GIRL, this is such an important message! Sometimes it can be tempting to buy things just to fit in with the top bloggers but there's no fun or creativity in that, I always feel the most me wearing crazy colourful unique things! x

  9. I love this outfit!

  10. Great style & you're looking chic as always, dear! xoxo

  11. yes and yes! my friend just got me a notebook that says "killin' it" on the cover! haha

  12. Great post and tips!

  13. Interesting post! And your Instagram is great :))

  14. Great style and I love your pants. You are absolutely right, there really is no point to follow everything others do. You just gotta be yourself. It's best to be our own person with our own style, individuality and creativity. Great post! x

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  15. Such great advice - and the perfect tank to wear while writing about such things, haha! :)

    You're right about a break for things being good too - a break from anything is worthwhile to help us focus on what really matters. When you're yourself things will come more naturally and easily, and that's a great thing :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  16. It's so important to both stay true to yourself on social media and also show yourself off in the best light. Also, I adore your outfit.

    Little Moon Elephant

  17. Hey Gail! I enjoyed reading this article. It's important to remind ourselves that we each run our own races and must stay in our lanes hard as it is. In the land of 'I am chicer than thou' aka Instagram one can get lost and get stressed. A gentle reminder to stay in ones lane usually keeps one focused. You look lovely! By the way I am a huge fan of taking breaks every so often, :).

  18. Very insightful!
    Cute look too!


  19. You're right you have to do your own thing. You gotta have your own individual tastes. You can't keep trying to keep up with everyone else and still be happy. Plus your real fans and friends will love you for you.


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  20. Absolutely my dear :D

    I really think the same <3

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  21. Och, amazing outfit!
    Perfect bag!
    LOVELY <3

  22. Love this article! Very, very true na <3

  23. I love your jeans. You look absolutely stunning in this outfits.

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