Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 Factors to Make You Success in Blogging Industry

Can't believe it is 5 years already! The Equinox Fashion blog has taught me so much in every aspect of life. I have started everything from zero, and I can say that this blog has grown so much. I have learnt a lot of things I could never ask for from the classroom. It is the real time learning. Though, I may not reach my goal just yet, I am on my way with 100% of the effort because this is my passion and I just want to become a successful blogger like the front runners out there. The journey of this Thai fashion blogger is still going strong! From my experience of working with brands such as Adidas Neo, and etc, attending a lot of fashion events, and meeting many influencers, there are 3 factors that lead to the achievement of the blogging industry. 


I know I have said this for more than 10 times, but it is very essential. You can follow the trend, follow whatever is trending on the Instagram, but eventually, you gotta be yourself. If you are the same or similar to any other fashion bloggers out there, would the brand select you to collaborate with? Find who you really are, and the style of yourself. What speaks about you? What is your signature? Find it, and don't be afraid of the criticism. This is your story, and you are the masterpiece of yourself. 


Don't be on and off the social media, or even skipping the blog post. If you have the urgent matter, or feel like taking a break, at least say something to the audiences not just disappear. Brands always look for the bloggers with the up-to-date content so that they can ensure the ones they select are always on the platform and connect to the audiences. It is ok to write a blog post a few in a week, or even post on Instagram every other day because we all have something else in life to do. Be consistent to what you do, while learn to balance your life as well. I have worked for 2 clients, therefore, it has drained my energy so much to engage on the Instagram when I get back home. However, I never disappear because I want to keep this momentum going. 


Stay grounded and polite to others is the key. Don't be an aggressive or rude to other people. No matter how many followers I have gained, I know exactly where I am from. And I wouldn't be at the point without the root of my blog, the supportive I have received from everyone. 


  1. I love your advice Gail an everything you said here I already try to do. I would never be rude to my followers etc. Bigger bloggers make that mistake and ignore people! Brilliant advice as always Gail!

    Isobel x

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  2. I 100% agree with these three things! Being yourself is so important, everyone is special and that's what makes all the blogs so cool and interesting! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. Amazing! Definitely key things to remember to stick to. I like it lots.

  4. Very well articulate. Staying consistent and being yourself is key.


  5. Congrats on 5 years, darling! Love these words of wisdom!


  6. I agree with all of these! Plus, the things I have learned through blogging are not at all skills I had picked up as a student.
    For sure!
    xx Jenelle

  7. Thanks for the tips, so handy..

  8. You always have the best tips Gail. And you look beautiful. I'm loving those heels!

  9. Thanks a lot, dear :D

    I agrre with your article. Be Yourself is the best blogger tips ever :D
    Amazing look as usual :D

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  10. so cool we have both been blogging for about the same time! congrats! blogging has taught me so much too, and its the reason why we met which is so amazing :)

  11. These are great tips, but it's sooo hard for me to keep the consistency when it comes to posting! I wish I had the time but I can't find it. I've been doing my best to get better at it, but it's really harder than it looks from the outside :)

  12. Such great tips, thanks so much for sharing.

    Patricia // Patricia Stelmach // Patricia

  13. Such a great post with so many important tips. Thanks for sharing! xo

    Cathclaire | The Crystal Press

  14. Already 5 years? Wow, didn't know you've been blogging for that long. Congrats, dear! You've come a long way & doing a great job! xoxo

  15. Hello dear Gail, you belong definitely to one of the best bloggers I know! Thanks for sharing all these fantastic tips and I like it how cool you look in your outfit of today!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  16. I love all of these, and you look super fabulous in these! Slay, girl!!

    Little Moon Elephant

  17. I agree with your suggestions.. such a nice post and very huge information... thanks for sharing....