Saturday, November 5, 2016

How Blogging Gets Me a Job

The Equinox Fashion w/ Nikki & Mallory bag

At first, I wrote my blog as a hobby, which was nothing but an online diary like everyone else. When I firstly began The Equinox Fashion, the era of blogging was all about Susie Bubble, with no social media like Instagram and Snapchat. Lookbook was the viral platform that all the cool & hip users would upload their looks and hype one another style. However, blogging has been growing instantly and becoming one of the most important PR techniques. So, I would recommend every blogger to put your blog in the resume/CV because it might be able to land you the dream job. How do I know? Because The Equinox Fashion blog has got me a perfect lifestyle and job which I will never be able to find anywhere else. 


There are a few direct positions that related to blogging. For example, PR, writer, and sometimes a fashion marketer. However, it doesn't mean that you will get a job right away after having your blog for only a month. It doesn't work like that. It always takes time to build the credential of yourself, and so does the blog. I would say a few years of blogging sounds more convincing because it shows that you have the real experience of being a blogger. Do you know about SEO? Any PR activities? If so, it will be a plus. Seriously, everything that you can learn online, so no need to enroll in the extra class. 

Fashion marketing is an intense job, just blogging may not be sufficient enough. I think it is fine for the small business, but in terms of the well-known brands or fashion houses, degree and long term experience is a must. I have got my Master Degree in Fashion Management, therefore, I have used this strength to get me the social media executive position. A degree in a fashion marketing+ 4 years experience in blogging = my dream job. 

Do I have to get the Master Degree to get a job? No, absolutely not. However, if you have, that means more opportunity to apply for the big fashion house and higher income. From what I have been told, the massive luxury brand such as Chanel always looks for the candidate with the MA or higher degree first. 


I have collected a wide variety of experiences including the internship and freelance positions. I worked as a freelance writer for the Fashion Studio Magazine, interned as a copy writer at Zalora Thailand, and worked part time as a content creator for the model agency. By working as an intern, I have been able to collect a lot of skills that I have written in my CV. Therefore, I still insist that experience is the MUST.


From my experience, the blogging industry in the UK is huge, and people who have a blog usually get more chance to land the job. In contrast, it would be nothing in Thailand if you have only a blog with nothing else to support. No matter how long you have been a blogger for, without the direct experience in the field, as well as, a bachelor degree or higher, your resume will be just a piece of paper. Or even the degree with no work experience, it is still difficult to get a good job in a famous fashion brand. 


  1. Gail your posts are always loaded with info. I love reading. You are almost over qualified girl. A lot of experience. You are right about not happening overnight. It takes time as do all good things. Beautiful pictures, looks so yummy!

  2. I really loved reading this post, it was so informative!! Thank you! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. Thanks for sharing dear, so inspiring! I'm trying to reach my dreams by writing, blogging, I Wanna have a position as PR or Fashion Marketing too one day!

  4. Great read! I remember when I started blogging everyone is on Lookbook and Chictopia. These days many of the bloggers who became popular in those platforms are no longer there (or posts have become very minimal). But yeah, I guess in most Asian countries degree and experience are still what matters most (it is the same case in the Philippines, I think).

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. Great post! And yes, blogging is a great experience to put on your CV, especially when applying to marketing roles as I do. Got a great internship last year because of it! x

  6. nice look and photos !


  7. Thanks for sharing all of this, it really means a lot and it is really helpful xoxo

  8. Wow, this is wonderful, you deserve this so much! I think you are really right - although I have to admit that only my family and some very close friends know I have a blog :) Thanks for your encouragement to change this and: I love your cool look here!
    xx Rena

  9. Your post is very interesting, blogging is a marvelous experience ! Kisses and have a lovely week :)

  10. There are so many skills to be learned through blogging. I know that over the years I certainly have had a self education comparable to a three year degree! It was 2010 when I began mine as a hobby, things sure have changed! But, I still post on Lookbook!
    xx Jenelle

  11. Love this post, hun! Love how young and motivated you are :). Hopefully once I finish my degree i'll come and work with you in Bangkok ;).
    Ploy x

  12. I'm so happy I found you on Instagram, I loved this post and it's really inspiring you found a job through blogging!

    Whitney V

  13. This post is so inspiring for me and my blog, thanks a lor for sharing!


  14. I love Dango very much! So yummy!
    Your experience is so great for us!!


  15. I think that blogging can definitely help with getting certain jobs. It just depends on the job in question. I think it's easier for creative jobs but having a degree helps no matter what.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  16. This post is so interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience! (Great pics by the way! :))


    Claire from Dresscape

  17. Blogging also started as a hobby for me but it turned out to be a great portfolio for my clients. :)

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