Thursday, January 25, 2018

What It's Like to be an Introvert Person?

📍 Langkawi, Island

I'm not gonna lie, but I love spending time with myself the most. Am I an anti-social? Do I hate people? No, I am not anti-social and I don't hate people. I just feel more comfortable with myself. How the hell can I be a fashion & travel blogger of The Equinox Fashion, when I hate surrounding myself with others??? Well, sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it. Cliche but it's true. Work is work, so if I want to earn a living, I do need to step up my game and mingle with other people. Trust me, some people don't understand the behavior of an introvert person. That's why here I am to share with y'all what it's like to be one of a kind.


I mean going to the fashion event, travel with the brands or bloggers is fine, but what I enjoy the most seems to be the moment when the day is over. YES! When I come back to the hotel and just chill. I am not a talkative person, so talking always uses lots of energy for me lol. When I open my mouth, it's genuine, but I just can't talk 24/7 It's really not me. Whenever I am in the car or the public transportation, the big head phone is my best friend. Honestly, I just love the moment when I can be with myself the most. Even a short period of commuting from one place to another. 

So I guess you can assume what I love to do when I have a day off? Yup, stay home and watch a movie. I do love going out with some of my friends, but they have to be my closed friends or those who I can really be a talkative person with. FYI, we a.k.a. 'introvert' people don't like going in a big group. Just 1,2 or 3, that's more than enough (at least for me)


Seriously, this is who I really am. Some might think that we are not in the mood, or angry with something, but NAH. Yes, sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I have to put myself around a lot of people, or when I hear them talking a lot. However, I ain't mad. It feels more relaxing when I listen. 

I am a good listener, because I love thinking. We, introvert loves to think, and that's the truth. I don't talk, but I observe others a lot (without speaking) Like I said, I don't wanna consume too much energy on the topic I don't wanna be a part with. And that's how I really feel. In fact, it can be struggling sometimes. For example, if I have to go out with a lot of friends, or attend the beauty events which I have no idea about the makeup products. Well, I don't even use the foundation, so what do you expect to hear from me? lol However, I think it's good to learn from others. Though I don't know shit about the cosmetics, or I ain't gossip shit about the celebrities and stuff, it's good to know what's going on in the society. The learning process without saying a word is what I LOVE. 


This shit is real. I don't like bragging myself or telling people of what I am doing. Even at the party or fashion event, I prefer to drink instead of chatting with others. I know, this is not good because working in this industry means the more connection the better. 

Personally, I just don't like saying "heyyyyy I am a travel blogger, look how many countries I have been" Or "Heyyy I am a blogger, here's the new bag I was sent to" Like, I think it's ridiculous. You might think it's normal, but I think I am just one of the human-being on earth. So, if you wanna know about me, let's get to know each other and have a talk. 


  1. I'm totally the same babe! My favourite thing is staying at home and watching tv haha

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  2. I get you girl my social anxiety and introvert is probably one of the main reasons I've never really "made it" as a blogger, I just suck at being around people and it drains me so much but I definitely want to make an effort to be a bit more social this year even though I do love just staying in and watching TV haha! xoxo


  3. An introvert with a blog! Oh, the irony! And Heyyy! I think It’s okay to have moments to yourself. To reflect. To be, you. I remember feeling guilty for wanting my space and now I embrace it. It’s part of my growth. And I refuse to let “the group” tell me I’m wrong for that said space.


  4. I'm an introvert too! Hehe I'm such a homebody and I lovee staying home and I definitely always prefer more intimate gatherings.


  5. Yes! Hello fellow introvert. I can relate to everything here, especially the faking. I feel like I go over the top on this in social situations and work ones. I convince people too well that I'm overly open and friendly when in fact I'd rather be home with my fur baby hahaha! Blogging can be hard for an introvert. I don't like attention either so the process from taking personal photos to publishing them for the whole world to see is very daunting.


  6. Yup!! I'm really deal with your statement. I'm not talkactiva too, cause it's spend my energy much hahaha so usually I'm just listen what my friend or the other people said. Love your outfit, it's really nice :)

  7. Darling, you look so happy, you have just made my day. I absolutely adore the kimono you are wearing xxx

  8. such a great post! love it very much :)

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    xx, Eva

  9. As a fellow introvert I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS!! Heres to being introverted!!

    Ellie xx

  10. Love this article gal and love your laughing pictures the most! x