Sunday, June 17, 2018

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

๐Ÿ“Osaka, Japan

Being a fashion blogger of The Equinox Fashion for years, this journey has taught me many things. Both good and bad, I can totally see the progress through. Especially, when we are online mostly everyday, keeping up with what everyone else is doing is important. However, aren't you tired? For me, I am. I mean, I'm tired of thinking and comparing myself to what the online sphere like Instagram has got in store for me. Personally, the number of follower use to be the center of the universe. Why? Because, we are Instagrammer and numbers are everything. Not only for the sake of fame, but also the chance to work with the brands. But, I've stopped concerning about it for over 6 months, and I couldn't be happier. I've shifted my focus on the content "My style, my story" Stop comparing yourself to others is the greatest feeling. 

I was a crazy person who obsessed with the fluctuation of numbers. Why she unfollowed me? Ffs more spam accounts? Followed then unfollowed me, for real? I think it happens to all of us, right? Everyone wants to be the front runner. Everyone wants to have the A game. But, sometimes it is just too much. Well, not only for us Instagrammer, but other occupations also. It's normal. We are human-being, we want to feel good, be the leader, earn the respect from others. Do men compare themselves to one another too? They may say 'no' But deep down, they do. We all. 

That's why learning not to give a f**** is crucial (at least for me) Because I don't want to be that woman who insanely obsessed with the online platform. I feel amazing just the way I am. And I do appreciate and grateful with everything that has happened to my life. Though my followers on Instagram@thequinoxfashion is not like 100K, I'm happy with the growth I've built. The main purpose of my platform is to show the audience my style, and accept just the way I am. There's gotta be people who like/unlike and that's fine. I don't know what's the point of comparing my style to others out there. Will my life become better? Hmmm, maybe I would say "my strategy and idea may improve, but my life will be the same" I take a look and observe what everyone does, but I don't compare.  It leads me to a variety of ideas such as content, story, writing style, and etc. If we are accepted the way we are without trying to change, people will. stick with us for long. I guess, what I want the most is those who truly understand the message I convey. 

The Equinox Fashion
Bag - Charles & Keith Japan
Shoes - GU
Tee- Uniqlo Thailand


  1. This post is amazing babe!

    Mรณnica Sors

  2. We should always love ourselves first, there is nothing more beautiful than that :D Such a great writing and mindset!
    With love,

    Patricia & Miguel

  3. I think the older we get the more we learn to not give a fuck!

    My Instagram follower count is just going more and more down by the day but I nevermind I just want it to be something I can look back on that makes me happy and helps me remember the fun times I had.... although I know my low follower count means less opportunities for work etc. I never want to ever be fake it's too much hard work 555 either you like me for me or just move on!



  4. I hear you there! As a blogger or instagrammer, it is so easy to start comparing yourself to your peers but it is not a healthy way to live. You just gotta do you!


  5. I love this girl!! I have also just learned to not give a shit about how many followers and likes I have. All that matters is your story and how you tell it.

  6. I totally agree with you my dear! great blogpost :)

    Check out my latest blog post:

    xx Eva

  7. Your content about fashion blogging and bloggers world are always interesting <3
    Thanks for sharing,


  8. This is such a great read dear. Indeed, there's nothing wrong with comparing yourself to others if you use it as inspiration, and strive to be better. However, it should never be a barometer of your success.

    Jessica |

  9. Oh I can soo relate to what you're talking about! If we all focused more on what WE do instead of watching what others do, we would all be happier and probably also more productive :)

  10. Your bag strap is so fun with your little black dress!

    It's true, it's so easy to compare ourselves to others, but it's not good for us! Better to get inspiration and use it to do our own thing and be true to ourselves than trying to copy everyone else!

    Hope that you are having a great week so far! It's really cold here but I'm enjoying layering up for winter :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. not giving a fuck is so refreshing right??! I'm loving this new attitude of yours!

  12. Really amazing! Love your look!

  13. I am with you on this one. You just gotta do you and be happy!
    xx Jenelle

  14. I always like it when you have this positive and no-care regard about Instagram, I remember you wrote the same message about 6 months ago or more. We are in the same context, I don't compare with anybody else because it's really draining and stressful. There's another irritation antic than follow/unfollow and that's when they only leave a comment to your post without liking it. I'm not sure what's their reason, for me I like first before I comment. Anyway, just positive vibes needed here. I like your fringey outfit btw.

  15. We can be inspired by others without comparing ourselves to and with them. Thats healthy and I do that. You look awesome giel!!!