Thursday, September 6, 2018

So Thai Spa, Spa in Bangkok to Recommend

📍Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for an authentic spa in Bangkok to visit during your vacay? I have one of my favorite places to recommend! So Thai Spa, the hidden gem located at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand (Sukhumvit 31 and only 5 to 10 minutes away from Asoke BTS station!) If you remember, I had 3 hrs session of Foot Massage, Body Scrub and Thai Oil Massage before. However, this time, I chose the usual Foot Massage, Aroma Massage, and Facial Massage. It was literally the 3 hours of heaven. No phone, no work, simply got myself pampered.

Actually, I was glad to go back in order to feature this place in The Equinox Fashion's Beauty Review again. Honestly, I do addicted to the massage, especially the foot and aroma. Some may or may not like it, but I think my body always deserved to be treated. I'm not really a fan of Thai massage, because I prefer the relaxing one. That's why the aroma was the best choice. You might wonder how different between these two?

For Thai massage, it's more like ease the pain with the pain, you know what I mean? The way therapist massages your body is going to make you feel like you're being tortured (or healed) in a good way. Because, Thai massage techniques will help you feel less stiff at the certain parts of the body. However, the Aroma one is more like having a relaxing massage with the aroma scented oil (which is good for the skin) You can also choose the scents before the session started. My favourite one was the Lemongrass (I kinda love the lime/citrus feeling) However, there were Jasmine, Lelavadee, and Lavender.

The Equinox Fashion at So Thai Spa

Besides, the facial massage I had was wonderful. Not only, I could feel that my skin was really soft and smooth, but also it helped the blood circulation. Started from cleansing to scrub and facial mask, every product was made off Thai natural ingredient. 

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