Friday, May 31, 2019

Hanko 60, The Best Bar to go in Ximending, Taipei

📍Hanko 60, Ximending, Taipei

If you are in Taipei and don't know which bar to go at night, here I have my favourite place to recommend! Located only less than 5 minutes walk from Amba Taipei Ximending, Hanko 60 is the local bar you need to visit. For those who want to experience the 'creativity in the dreamy vibe' This bar can be the right choice. How do I know about this place? Well, I've been there because one of my friends suggested it. However, if you are thinking about going, you need to make a reservation since the space is quite limited. Also, it requires the minimum spent of 500TWD per person (not included 10% service charge) Forget about the price, because it is totally worth it. 

Hanko 60 Ximending

From absinthe to the mixture of chocolate rum, there are a wide variety of drinks to choose. Honestly, I was a bit lost while trying to find the place because the front door was really funky.  You can see from the photo above, the door was designed like a movie right? So, yes that's what I love about it! It's like a hidden gem in Ximending you will never find out where it is. Anyway, the mood here was the combination of red and black (which I loved!) Decorated with the big Chinese words at the bar, this place totally gave me that cool & hip vibe in the Chinese style I wanted to experience. Though not all of the staff could speak English, it wasn't struggling to order. 

Trust me, just open the menu and you will be amazed how creative it is. Each of the drinks has its own unique design. For example, a Chinese cup, Chinese vintage can, or even a plastic blood bag like the photos below. Another gimmick I super hyped about this place is that my drinks were served with a dried ice. How cool!? 

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