Saturday, October 5, 2019

Don't Value Your Worth by Instagram

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

I've been in this road as a blogger for almost decade, and I've learnt a lot of things. Recently, I've been working and paying attention so much on my job as a founder of Dai Agency, as well as, re-creating my online shop Hidden Treasure Store. My job is very flexible, yet time consuming because digital marketing and branding is the core. However, as I've been taking part in influencer marketing, somehow, it's made me realise that people these days can be taken away by just a number of followers on Instagram. I mean, I was one of them honestly. Follower of The Equinox Fashion was everything to me, and I thought I could easily become popular in this platform. More money, more PR, more reputation, and etc. But seriously, these days I don't really give a f*** about numbers anymore. 

Actually, it's been a while since I decided to start using Instagram in order to show 'who I really am' and the content I want to post. Life, style, food, whatsoever I want to communicate with my audience. I feel like my worth cannot be defined by what shows on the top of the page. I mean, yes the more number, the more people will think we are popular. Brand wants to work with us, right? However, it's like a trading for me. Ok you have 1,000 of followers, you can get free sample. 10,000 of followers can make xxx of money, and so on...I mean, We are not an object though. 

It's good to use as a motivation driven for those who want to make money seriously on Instagram, but for me, I think I have other stuff to do more than just comparing my followers with how brands and PR representatives look at me. I work as an influencer marketing myself, and honestly sometimes a high amount of followers can really not show the standard. I have come across many Instagrammers with sky rocket amount of followers with shitty work quality. Period. So, ladies, you don't need to let those numbers tell others how good you are. You can create it and show the world what you have in store. I'm not encouraging any of you to stop using this social media, but to use it 'wisely' and have more fun not stress. I had so  much tension before, and I can honestly say that it's really not worth it. 

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