Sunday, October 27, 2019

How To Take Pinterest Photo at Cafe?

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

For those who wonder where The Equinox Fashion is? I'm here based in Bangkok, Thailand (mostly). However, I have been super busy with load of work (D.A.I. Agency) which I have been managing many accounts of clients from different industries. One of them is the café called Crazy about Café. The only thing for this job is to manage the Instagram account. Absolutely, it is my favourite because my main duty is to take a photo at this café. I have been working with many clients in a food & cuisine industry (you can read my food review here) So, taking and styling photo is my thing. Many people have asked me how to take photo like a Pinterest image? And here are some of my tips to show you how easy it can be to create one stunning image. 

The Equinox Fashion at Crazy about Café, Bangkok


I would say arranging (or styling) the props around can absolutely elevate the interest of the image. Even though this is a café in Bangkok, Thailand, I have created this image to have that glimpse of Japanese vibe. How? The Japanese book and a bit of small plants. It would have been boring to just take photo of a cup of coffee, right? So, why not input your creativity in the production. 

For example, the photo below consists of a cup of coffee, pieces of cookies, green table and a small plant. You can literally move the objects around and see how it works. For me, there's no right/wrong about the beauty of the image. The compose is the key to everything, as I always say. That's why I took this photo in both ways; direct and from the above.


First of all, I do hate the lightbulb or any kinds of orange lighting. I love taking photo with the natural lighting. Also, for me, it is all about the details and that sharpness of the image. 

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