Saturday, November 30, 2019

Chasing for Love is Exhausting

One thing I have learnt during these years is that 'chasing for love is very exhausting' I used to be a person who constantly looking for love, because being alone is lonely right? However, for these months, I have been working very hard, hanging out with my friends and kinda starting to 'value the love for myself and those whom really matter' I mean, why the f****I wasted so much time on those d*****heads who didn't deserve my precious effort and time at all. Yup, those were so claimed fuckboys :D Not only didn't do shit, but suck everything out off me and gone completely. Let's not talk about what happened, but raise awareness about what have I learnt from the experience, which there were lots of lessons learned. 


I have now agreed with this statement, after being a stupid one running after and after love. I felt lacking something inside, not physically but mentally. I felt like having a 'boyfriend' was a good status for myself, because I am 30. I spent time and money and all my heart & soul to search for mr.right. But you know what, there's no mr. right at all. Love will never be in front of you when you are desperately looking for it. Why? The more you looking for it, the more you try harder (or try TOO HARD) 

When I was looking for love, I simply cut everything else off my life. I was so focusing on such matter without realizing that there were many more important things awaiting for me to concentrate on and invest time in. I tried too hard, I paid too much attention for details, and ended up being ghosted. Why? Because I literally did everything and let the other party do nothing (which supposed to put the mutual effort). Honestly, experience after another, I have asked myself 'why do I have to have this obligation to find love?' There were many questions popped up inside my head, and that's why I have changed my attitude towards it. 

I have shifted my focus on my work as a branding and digital marketing consultant. I have paid 100% of my time and attention on my The Equinox Fashion blog. I have let my family in my space better than before. You know, it makes me feel so f**** GREAT! For the 1st time in my life, which I feel like i don't need a relationship, nor boyfriend to make me feel good about myself. I feel so fulfilled and the most important thing is I've stopped chasing for love. The love and value I have within is more than enough. Seriously, I'm so f*** happy and love my life.

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