Thursday, December 12, 2019

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

I am still learning and trying to do my best in everyday. The more I grow up, the more I realise that life is just what it is. I mean I cannot change other, the only thing I can do is to adapt my mindset of how to cope with all the pressure and bs in everyday life. Seriously, no joke I have always be an honest person since started writing for The Equinox Fashion blog. And I am still that person who says what I think, and always want to inspire "you, us, and everyone" who read this blog. Today, I just want to say how much I feel so alive and don't give a f***** about what people think. I know it is hard not to care about what they say, but honestly these are the personal reasons, which you can give it a shot. I mean, the reasons from a straightforward blogger (if you are ok with it) 


If taking other words into your head got you think too much and paranoid, then why would you do it? YOU, US, AND EVERYONE DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. You know, when you spend your precious time repeat whatever inside your head, while others don't really give a s*** about you at all, that is a f*** waste of your time. Literally, I have been there, done that, with all the words from the people' mouths. Trust me, I repeated everything inside my head until I passed out at night with no energy to do shit. I was THAT girl to take it personal. But one day,  came across a status on Facebook (which my friend posted it) and it said "you deserve to be happy" And I thought, yea... that's right "I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY JUST LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE!" How about that? Why do I have to care and being so miserable when others are just laughing and being a happy b**** ?? Girls, just love and care yourself more!


Most of us tend to care about others, but not our parents. CHOOSE WHO TO CARE ABOUT ladies. Not everyone in your life is worth to think about. Honestly, do your friends pay for your high-school tuition fee? do your colleague pay for your school uniform? do your boyfriend's friend buy you clothes? None of them matters because the most important people who you are allowed to care about is your 'family' What I mean is whatever comment you may receive or negative argument, that got you pissed off, with whoever, just ignore it. 


Instead of investing your time in thinking about your friend's negative judgement of yourself, why not shift it? What do I mean by "shift it?" You know, our mind plays an important role to our body. It can either fucks you mentally or lets you breath. When you think about something for so long, it will become and obsession. You will keep thinking and thinking about those words all day, all night, and non-stop. And when you realise, it will be too late to take your time back. Ok, for example, I spent weeks (probably like a month) thinking about why my ex ghosted me? What was he thinking and shit? Now, when I'm over it, it kinda makes me realise how much time I did waste on what I didn't deserve at all. 30 days of life, I wish I could have taken back. 30 days when I could have been more productive and done some other stuff. Ladies, thinking about what you cannot change or whatever people are talking about is totally a waste of your time. Don't waste it like I did (many times) Go and continue on your life. It's better that way!

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