Thursday, December 26, 2019

How to Succeed in What You Do

From travelling solo to initating the self-own project and online store, I have learnt a lot not only about the digital marketing, but also the connection and attitude within myself. At the age of 30, I can honeslty say that I have come too far to turn around. Since the day I decided to walk away from the full-time job at the office routine, I have been working harder than ever. Who knows I might back to the office one day, but I will do my best to sustain and long-lasting the career I have started solo since the beginning. After trials & errors, there have been many success stories, as well as, mistakes I can learn and ready to improve. Here are some personal tips of how to succeed in what you do!


We tend to think we know 'enough' but honestly, it's wrong. I was once thinking that I was ok with enough knowledge in a certain area, but once someone with a better experience walks in, I'm done. Always eager to learn more and more. Even though you already know or master it, just take the knowledge in without a second thought. Even the day I almost gave up with digital marketing, I was literally getting back up and walking. I believe if I have a will to learn, everything will always get better. 


I was told that it is ok to piss people off along the way to the success. It is not like pranking or taking advantage, but of course once you can smell the success, others will be jealous of you, try to talk about you, and get mad at you. When it comes to a business or advantage, everyone wants to be a part of. Thus, saying NO is sooooooo normal and you have all the rights to reject others. You will come across those who jealous of you and talk shit about you, so it is ok to protect yourself. There's nothing personal, just do your thing. No need to apologize if whatever you think is right, it will always be the right choice to make. 


I always stay humble no matter how far I go. I never ever thought I am better than anyone. I think those who brag and say how good they are by comparing about the money is kind of stupid and bullshit. Be humble and polite to everyone, though those people can be annoying sometimes. This world is not a fantasy, it is cruel and all the fantasy cartoons and movies are just lies. Literally..


Comparing yourself to others is the worst. Not only it makes you feel discouraged but also got you stuck at some points. So, never compare yourself to anyone. Along the journey as being a fashion blogger of The Equinox Fashion, I always try to inspire you to love and value yourself, no matter what other think. I believe that each one of us has our own 'right time' to do something. Don't get stuck with the idea of getting married at 30s or having a house at 35, NO. 

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