Friday, January 17, 2020

What it is Like to Work as a Content Creator?

πŸ“ Bangkok, Thailand

So, what it's like to work as a content creator? I am now taking 100% role of a branding and social media marketing consultant, however, creative has always been my call. If you follow The Equinox Fashion blog, or my instagram @thequinoxfashion, you may (or may not) come across a food/dessert post (s) once in a while. That's right, I have been managing social media of Crazy about Cafe, which is fun because I can literally take a break from the marketing. I love taking photos since I started working on my blog. Therefore, to be able to take it as a 'job' is obviously one of the greatest things I am proud of. This is not the only photography work of me, but one of, still enjoying it. Because the ability to take, create and manage the composition of the items in 1 photo is really fun and challenging. 

As a content creator for the client's Instagram account, it is different from creating my own (obviously) Because managing someone's else online presence costs your reputation too. If you can't make something cool or great enough to present others, then there's no point. Every single photo is taken by me (yea I have a real lifestyle journal Instagram called @lifebypawee too just in case you are tired of my #ootd already lol ) Fashion is everywhere, and I always believe that if you are creative, you can create anything. It doesn't matter to be just a fashion section. If you are a real deal, any fields are possible! As a photographer, it is not just about clicking the shutter, but to THINK and have a picture in mind of what you want to do with the items. Yes, taking a photo of a coffee so??? It is not easy as most people think it is. Because being able to take, yet make it look delicious is a whole different level. 

All of us and others of course can take photo by a phone and post on Instagram right? But this is different since I want to make it to be 'remembered' The lighting, tone, and style are the main keys to succeed,especially when it leads to 'branding' To tell audiences who the cafe is and what it is specialised, it takes more than just a camera to build. 

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