Thursday, February 13, 2020

2 Best Ways to Let Go

📍Tokyo, Japan

If you are listening to podcast, motivational speaking video on YouTube, or even just randomly looking up the life quote on Pinterest, I think this post may be an ideal for you. Lately, I have been working super hard ( actually, my work is crazy everyday) Behind those images on The Equinox Fashion Instagram is a work tension I encounter every single day. Especially, I had such a bad headache and stress over the past couple of weeks. Is it a big deal to talk about it? Yes, it is! Because whenever I am stressed over the situation or work, it always affects me in every way, including mental and physical. I am a moody person when the tension is high. I cannot seem to compromise or in a mood to talk nicely with others. Now, you see why it is bad? That's why I took sometime off to reorganize and come up with the best ways to focus on myself and let go off the circumstances I can't control (or the situation when I do my best but it doesn't work out at the end) From a blogger of The Equinox Fashion, to the individual branding & digital marketing consultant, here are the top 2 best ways to re-focus yourself and let go. 


Why? The more you think about it, the crazier you will be. When you think over and over about something, or try to solve the problem you can't seem to do it at that time, my best suggestion is to stop right now. It doesn't do anything good, it doesn't help you come up with the new solution, but it is a turmoil inside your head. What happens after? A simple illness called migraine right? Then you need to take a pill or go to the hospital. This is not the best solution to solve the problem at all. Don't add extra stress inside your head any further please. I've found out that after stepping back from the stress, it literally helps me feel so much better. Stop thinking, stop doing, and simply become self-less. However, before you get to this selfless stage, there's one more important thing you need to do first


That's right! It is what it is, so just f**** it! Realise that you do your best and there is no other way to get any better. If you can think like this, trust me your head will feel so much relieved. At least you try, you know :) You don't need to be a people pleaser, or else because THAT'S THE BEST OF YOU, SO IT IS WHAT IT IS. 

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