Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Why Do You Need More Than 1 Job to Secure Your Financial ?

πŸ“ Bangkok, Thailand

Every one knows what has been going on with this world right? The epidemic of the corona virus, which has not been effecting just the health, but also an economy. All over the news and social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we all can witness the real human-nature from this issue. Outdoor violence, racism, and the selfishness to survive in this brutality. However, I am not writing this article on The Equinox Fashion Blog to state my opinion regarding what's going on. Instead, I wanted to talk about how it impacts on 'our' financial situation. I don't know about your country, but mine is very crucial especially the tourism, hospitality, and most of the industry actually is going through a sudden unprepared change to this. That is why I don't think having just one full-time job can guarantee anything. 

I have witness the fluctuation of the economy in Thailand, because many tourism agencies have been facing with the cancellation of flights. Postponing the departure date, requiring a refund from the programmed tour, no one wants to fly out abroad anymore because everyone has a big risk. Started from China to the world, this is like a bio-weapon in my opinion. As a result, many companies are having an issue about the income, resulted in laying off their own employees abruptly. Everyone needs to survive, no money, then how? 

Think about it, if you have only one job and you are suddenly asked to quit, how would you live? Of course, you have savings enough to live for months, but in a long term, you do need an extra money to do your thing. However, if you are fired now, I think it is quit difficult to find a new job (or land one in just a few weeks) So, I think finding a spare job or a 2nd part-time job has always been a good idea. I don't know about you, but I have been working as a self-employed ( for a few years) but partnering with clients not just one. Because I always have both plans A & B. If one say goodbye, then I still have another source of income to rely on. 

Especially, I think another benefit of having more than just one job is that you can expand the experience and skill. 1 job = 1 skill, 2 jobs = 2 skills, I think it is very challenging yet advantage to all of us. What do I do for a living? You can check my profile on LinkedIn here. For those who have a question about social media marketing, or curious about anything in a related field, please feel free to ask!

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