Saturday, April 25, 2020

How To Manage Money During Quarantine?

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

I think we all are going through the same thing at the moment, a lockdown caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The economy is slowing down, while many people are affected by the company's decision to lay off suddenly. That's why I always think that a passive income probably is a great idea to earn money from many sources. However, talking about a way to find a side job, or how to be a freelance might be a bit (too) late at this point, since every industry is directly get hit by the situation right now (though you can also check out a useful tips during quarantine) So, I would like to share some ideas of how to manage the savings/money during this time. Because, I think many of us have to be more careful about what we spend or the wish list we want to have, and etc. At this time, if we are not carefully managing a bank account, we might end up worse. 

Too much temptation, but only buy what you need

Seriously, there are lots of sales going on right now. Well, what to do? The offline is hit really hard, and no cash flow. So, many online stores are offering a value set of cosmetics, or up to 70% off of the xyz products (Even MAC cosmetic offers such a great bundle of lipsticks for like probably so cheap) I know it's better to buy now than cry later. However, think carefully before the final money transfer. Maybe, what you want to buy or going to buy can be really cheap this week, and you might think like "hey it is so f**** cheap so why not??!" Of course, buying will satisfy your mental (it satisfies my need so much actually ha) shopping needs, though spending money wisely is very important right now. I watch the news, and it seems like many people do not even have a dime to buy a meal...It makes me down so much that I was just imaging to be in their shoes for a minute. Even though $10 which doesn't seem to be a lot of one mascara right now, it may be able to help you one day at some points. 

Saving 10% of your income is very crucial

I  always save money, no matter how big or small. My parents always taught me to save the money for the future, and I agree that it is very important. For those who still have a job to do, or find a way to earn some money, I suggest you to at least keep 10% of the amount in your personal bank account. 

How do I manage my bank account? Well, one for the savings (only), one for the spending, and another for my side business (online shopping store) I only touch my money in a big savings only when it is needed. So, mostly I only swipe or use my 2 & 3rd bank accounts. Make it like a habit guys. Don't rely on men to pay for your shit, or wish for a lucky lottery winning moment. Trust me, if you do not spare your savings now, it may be a big problem in the future. 

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