Wednesday, May 6, 2020

3 Favourite Instagram Apps I Use for Photo Editing

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

If you follow my Instagram @thequinoxfashion, you may probably know that I have recently came across a tragic of a family's member, which is really hard to cope with. However, life must continue and all the memories are kept tightly in my head. So, I would like to just focus on things I have to do in a present. So, which apps do The Equinox Fashion has used to edit Instagram photos? Honestly, there are LOADS! But today, I selected what I have used the most, the top 3 best Instagram photo editing apps for you. 

If you are into a 'film' of Kodak or polaroid effect of Fuji, this is the one. Actually, the presets are very similar to VSCO Cam, but I feel like there are more features in this app. Not only you can adjust the lighting and those basic filters just like any other apps, but also you can have fun with the light leak, dust, and etc. I have been using Kuji Cam for a while, and it is my absolute go to photo editing app (which is free too!)

The Equinox Fashion photos edited by Kuji Cam App


This one is similar to the one I mention above, however, you have to pay in order to unlock all of the filters. I LOVE the app, in fact it is the fundamental photo editing app I use the 1st (I mean, I normally mix these apps to create the ultimate photo, but just to follow which one I use first) I love how clean & crips of the filters, especially those A and H ones. Plus, you can edit a video by Vsco Cam too! How cool! 

The Equinox Fashion photos edited by VSCO Cam app


The goddess of em all! I love the presets of Lightroom so much! In fact, you can also create your own preset too (search YouTube) I have seen so many people sell their presets on Etsy and Facebook, so I think it is very to use. By just one click, you can have the beautiful photos just like those Instagrammers. Besides, the app is available on both mobile phone and desktop. 

The Equinox Fashion photos edited by Lightroom

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