Friday, April 3, 2020

Useful Tips During Quarantine

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It has been more than a week since the last time I went outside. All of the meetings were canceled, hanging out with friends also put off, in other words, all the activities have been suddenly stopped since the covid-19 pandemic started (intensely) For me, I don't have 100% of the impact since I have already been working from home as a branding and marketing consultant. That is one of the reasons why I don't really have to adapt a way of living that much. However, it is getting intense days by days since the numbers of patients and diseased people increasing (sharply) We all can't hang out outside like we were, however, for the sake of everyone, it is a good thing to stay indoor and be aware of the situation. If you are looking for some tips while quarantining at home, here are some useful tips from my end. 

1. Find an online job to do

Honestly, what I have written previously about "Why Do You Need More Than 1 Job?" is literally right. These days, I have seen many people lose the job, or told to take a break (with or without paid) That is the reason why another side job is very essential, especially in a situation like this. So, for those who are staying home and having nothing to else, I recommend to find something to do online. In fact, there are many things we all can choose, depends on which field. You can sell your photos, or work part-time as a translator or a guest writer for a website, and etc. Even though, the income can be very little, it is better than nothing right?

2. Work out more often (before you gain weight from a relationship with the fridge)

For those who keep sayin "I don't have a time" Here is a big chance to work your ass off and sweat! No need to wake up early, or go home late, because we all are working at home for now. Instead of calling a food delivery and finish all of the plates on the table, you had better work b****. 

I love working out; kickboxing, jogging, walking, dumbell workout, you name it. So, I feel like this is a good opportunity for all of us to spend a time for our health. 

3. Have a plan about your career/life/relationship

This has been a time, when our heads are so clear that we have lots of time to think about the next move of life. Instead of worrying about the virus, or spending the time surfing the internet about the cure or how many people have been infected, think about your 'life' For me, this pandemic has been an eye opened since it makes me want to expand my online business, apart from being a consultant (you can look up my profile at paweerata pureekul LinkedIn) or Hidden Treasure Store, now I also want to have an online cosmetics store. So far, I and my partner (work) have come to conclusion of the palettes and ready for our next step!

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