Friday, May 22, 2020

Why You Should Not Be Afraid of Being Who You Are

Since the beginning of blogging The Equinox Fashion, I have always encouraged my audiences to stay true to who you are because Kurt Cobain once said "It is a waste of time not to be who you are" That is the reason why I blog...This industry is very tough, actually THE social media is quite distracting in terms of individual style. New trend pops every day, and so does lots of temptation to buy and post a photo on Instagram. Don't let me get started, even myself also told (or at least advised) how to properly dress up in my age...Hello 'age' is just a number, because for me "young at heart" more crucial. People ask me 'why not buying this dress? It is trendy on Insta right now', 'How about this tee style. Seen so many people flaunt it on social' and etc. If we are all going for the same thing, maybe the word 'style' shouldn't exist. 

Honestly, I don't really care what other think or have opinion about what I wear (or how I wear) In fact, nobody cares about you, me, or anyone, they only care about themselves. You are you, and no one can replace that. So, if you feel like wearing something, even it is against the norm, then just go for it. You can only live once and I'm sure you do not want to look like others. For me, wearing what I like is an expression of my mood and the summary of 'who I am' I don't want to be like others, and I don't want others to be me.  

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