Monday, July 20, 2020

Go Live Your Life with No Regrets

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

The Equinox Fashion has been MIA lately, but sincerely apologise as I have been very busy with work and a few upcoming projects. As a branding and online marketing consultant, I have also expanded my career to the online sunglasses store called Hidden Treasure Store and my lipstick brand, 222 cosmetics. Busy eh? Anyway, last night I was somehow having a flashback, or literally just reminding myself what I have been through in the 20s up until now. It is not an easy ride for me at all, but I do proud of how far I have come. I build everything by my own 2 hands, plus the choices I have made though wasn't sure where would I go. For some reasons, I think I am on the right track of my life. After finished the masters from Manchester, I promised myself I would never want to work for anyone else but me. 2 years of being an office worker, now self-made business woman and my own boss, all I can say is that "you gotta take a leap of faith and fight" It's better than having a regret in life. 

Seriously, many people never thought I would have come this far. Yea, I do...I got so many rejections with the job application, as they said I didn't have much experience, nor what I studies wasn't exactly matching with the role..well that's why I asked you for the role so that I can start the experience. After trials and errors, one thing that I'm certain about myself is that "I never give up, no matter how struggling I can be" Though I have to run faster than anyone else, or work 10 times harder, I would do whatever it takes to reach my goals. 

From flying to London Fashion Week solo when I was 23 years old to be in Manchester for studying and expanding my  blogging connection, I do appreciate every single choice I made in the past. All of the experiences have shaped me of who I really am in nowadays. I am not a perfect person, I don't have much money or come from a wealthy family, but I am a hustler. Honestly, I have never felt like I was lacking of anything. I am ok with everything. I have my mom and dad as my big inspirations, just 2 people encourage me, I am ok to get up and fight. 

Also, those solo traveling trips were such memorable :) From Japan to Taipei and many countries in Asia, damn I learn so much! From the moment I get on the plane, to the hours of getting lost just to find the airbnb, I think I literally live my life to the fullest. Seriously, I wouldn't want to trade my life or rewind the time just to fix anything. 

So, for those who are lost, it is ok to take time just to find who you really are. It is ok for trials & errors, as long as you are willing to discover the voice inside yourself. No joke, I have been through this thought be fore "who I really am?" "what should I do with my life?" After years of trying and exploring, I think I have finally found the answer of everything. Go traveling, go exploring, go trying! There is no mistake in life.

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