Thursday, March 11, 2021

Why Blogging is Dead

So where should I begin..I unofficially took a break from blogging for almost a year (roughly about 7 months++) and it felt really good. It's not that I'm not into blogging anymore, but I felt like I wanted to focus on something else, which I could say those were my cores. As you know, I have been working as a digital marketing consultant in Bangkok, and my job is getting harder and harder everyday.

Therefore, I decided to pause The Equinox Fashion blog for a while. For many years since I moved back to Bangkok, social media platform has changed a lot. And so does my job, which means I have to keep up with Facebook/Instagram Advertising...Including driving sales and traffic of the products (honestly, this is not easy at all) I spent months and months to give it all and now I think I'm ready to come back to where I belong. Another part of where I've become.

Though blogging is not a thing in my country anymore, I think at least it has shaped me to be who I am in nowadays. I was a bit losing of my identity since I stopped because I wasn't focus on any fashion news or trends anymore, since strategies were literally everything I was putting an effort to. Actually, not just blogging but I have also posted The Equinox Fashion Instagram once in a while. For one thing I know is that I've completely trying to gain followers because I just cannot be a**** follow/unfollow people every single damn day like I used to do. However, for a while I have been posting more about my lifestyle and personal life, in which I really enjoying. I'm not posting Instagram just to gain likes and followers anymore. I mean, I don't care if my followers decrease as long as I'm happy in my own platform.

After years of trying in this influencer career, I think actually my mai goal is more into the digital marketing job (that's what earn me the most and more than I had ever expected) Being influencer is somehow not working as a full-time career, so I don't think I'm going to focus though. However, I don't think blogging is dead because I'm still gonna continue on blogging. Whether there will be a reader or not, this is my place and the platform of my voice. So, I'm back to it :) 

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