Tuesday, March 23, 2021

How To Stop Being People Pleaser

💖 Tokyo, Japan

I've stopped being people pleaser, the fact is I would rather stand up for myself than treated with no respect because people can be really shi**ty" There's nothing wrong by being nice and kind to people, which I think it's really good since our society needs this right now. However, letting people cross the line too much will turn the situation upside down. And "we need to keep the guard up all the time" or else those will walk over you. Know your value people. Lately, it's come to my conclusion that there's no point of being kind to others when they just want to 'use' you or ask for more and more. I feel like I was so drained by 'too much' inquiry due to the fact I was saying yes to every thing my clients requested...It was literally a nightmare...Yes I am back, a blog of self-worth of how to not give a shit and live your life. 

So, how to stop being a people pleaser? The question we always ask, yet hardly find a way to answer. Me too guys...Sometimes, it's really hard to say no or do what I want in a business, however, we all need to stick up for ourselves. As a blogger of The Equinox Fashion, I have also been busy with working as a digital marketing, which involves many types of people. I probably have said yes a lot of time, that's why there's a day of a huge explosion of a word 'fuck it, my happiness to the most important' 

I asked my self "why did I have to say 'yes' to him/her all the time?" "what's the point of that???" Not only the client doesn't give me some respect or value me more, but also ask for more and more with no limits. Ayaaahhh no more because I have zero tolerance with this type of situation. When I'm done, you either leave or play my game. Do I care about the money? Yes I do, but my mental is more important. Being nice to people has a lot of mentally effect trust me. For the first few times, you are ok. But after many times afterwards, you will change from ok to 'suffer' Trust me, you will raise a lot of questions of "why do I have to please some people all the time? What do I get from that beside the mental sufferness and more work with no addition work overtime compensation" 

There's no need to be a nice one guys. It's ok not to be liked. Value yourself and keep your head up high. It is better to respect yourself than letting people walk over you with no respect. You don't have to care what they think alright. Just say "NO" if you think it's right. Just say "I don't like that" without a second judge. 

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