Friday, April 9, 2021

Good Quality Organic Skincare from Thailand "Phutawan"

 📍Bangkok, Thailand

Are you looking for a good quality organic skincare for #selfcare at home during this pandemic? (which doesn't seem to over soon) Here is my all time fave products I've been using for a while now. If you remember the brand call "Phutawan", you probably notice that I did a product review of their ranges a while ago. In fact, I had a chance to visit Phutawan shop at MBK 2 weeks ago. If you don't know what is MBK I'm talking about??'s famous for tourists to go shopping. The shop has been well-established there for years, so you can def trust the quality. 

As a writer of The Equinox Fashion Blog, you can trust my review ✌ Because I would never write such thing I never try. Since 2018 to 2021, I've known and used Phutawan, therefore I can guarantee that the quality is literally amazing. 

Are you a fan of sustainable/eco-friendly product? I am! And the new collection has a very good story. Intree Collection is all about nature and sustainable living. Every ingredient comes from Maehongson, located almost the top north of Thailand. Most of people and tribes living in a mountain where they do farming. However, its resource is very abundance. That's why this collection is literally a combination of nature resources and knowledge of organic living. Not only benefit for people well-being improvement, but also the product is 100% organic. Why is this collection is different from others (even different from other brands)? Because the ingredients are grown uniquely just by Phutawan. 

Red Lemongrass and Rose are one of the main ingredients for this collection. First of all, lemme tell you that the scent is very strong, especially the rose! However, everything is natural made, so no need to worry about any added fragrance. Plus, no SLS/ SLES, Paraben, Silicone, and Petrochemical. Safe for everyone to use (and environmental friendly too). 

I have been using their refreshing cream and shower gel, and I love it. My first impression of these bottles was the lemongrass scented, very relaxing indeed. If you love something lemon/citrus or similar, you will deff love this one too. Besides, my skin doesn't feel dry after rinsed off with water. 

If you want to find out more about the product and Phutawan shop, I have also posted about my experience on The Equinox Fashion Instagram too ☝

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