Friday, October 1, 2021

How To Be Happy? Let Go of What You Can't Control.

  📍Bangkok, Thailand

Maaaaann I've finally found a happy place of myself. Honestly, I was struggling with my mental health for a while. Work, people, task and everything I had to keep up. But now I've found a way to live life happily...I mean happier than before. No need for a prescribe nor psychiatrist. Thanks to all the YouTube videos I've watched, which've given me so much strength and 'relief' at some points. So, how to be a happy person no matter what stage you're in life? Just don't take things personally, a.k.a. don't take life too seriously.

My anxiety level was skyrocketing and it was very hard for me to cope with. I took everything personally, even a joke or a minor mistake of work. I felt constantly thriving to be a perfectionist and tending to be pissed by everything out of my control. Can you believe this???? I know it's crazy right! How a person who writes a blog (as a hobby) like me become this type of person. In fact, I had never thought this issue would be my problem at all. However, it has happened and all I gotta do is to deal with it daily. Now I'm feeling so much better, I mean I worry about things less and don't really think much about all the data I absorb in my brain. 

I think the best way to get through this anxiety attack is to learn how not to take things so seriously. Whatever happens, just fuck it. Life is just too short anyway. It's totally not my responsible to concern of what others think about me, how they judge me is literally not my problem. What they think, what they feel, as well as, their comments are totally not worth the time to figure out. You know time goes by so fast that you may not even realise how much time you've wasted thinking about other people besides yourself. 

I get it sometimes we all think about "what they think about me? Why they make face like that?? Or why they say that???" It happens to all of us actually. However, it's totally ok not to take it personally because sometimes they might not even concern about us at all. It's not our job to guessing what people need, or even their opinions about us. Why??? Because you need to learn how to be a 'selfless' person. It means, it's ok to let them think whatever they want. 

In this life, we just can't make everyone agree with what we think right? It's totally their choices :) You don't need anybody's approval to be happy. Trust me, taking life too seriously is like killing yourself inside.

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