Monday, September 25, 2023

7 Years of Social Media Marketing, What Have I Learned?


It's been a while, HELLO I'm back (which I wasn't sure what to say first) So, where I've been? Social media marketing/digital marketing or whatever you name it. Yes, I've been working as online marketer for almost 7 years now. Time flies super fast! And I've learned a lot. From one client to 21 (so far), there are so many things I want to talk about. For me, it used to be just work work work/money money money/ but now it's more like mental health and well-being. I am a working woman, and it's real hard to stop pressuring myself because I'm a perfectionist (I assume you too?) I've just turned 34 and it's been a h*** of a ride in this industry. From fashion blogger, London Fashion Week, to online business, what have I really learnt?

1. Always up for learning new things. 

There is no right or wrong in social media marketing. I mean, if you think you know, guess what? YOU DON'T. Social platforms constantly change and you need to keep up with the marketing trend. I'm not saying you should know all (NOPE!) But more like focus on what you're good at. 

In the beginning I thought I was a real deal in Facebook Advertising, but I was wrong. 7 years from working practicing, involving my skills, I still believe that there are better people out there. I had very high ego back then, but now I'm very humble and keep it low-key. I have my own strategy and I will keep improving. Therefore, I always learn and adjust the technique since I know that each client has different way. Different branding>>different customer>>different purchasing behaviors. So, keep learning and improving.

2. Money is happiness, but health is the most important.

If you say money can't buy happiness, I will assume that you've had enough or come from a well-off family. I do think money is important because I (we all) need money to buy things and survive. Yes, I felt one time that money couldn't buy me happiness (went to department store and splurged myself yet didn't feel satisfied) However, health is the most vital. 

I've had an issue with an anxiety attack developed from my own perfectionist trait. I can't stop thinking about work, can't stop analysing the plan (s) in my head, which affects me badly with my lifestyle. It still happens sometimes when I rush/push myself to the idea of planning. It makes me worry about things a lot! I've been trying to 'slow down' as it said "The world is not busy, your mind is" I don't wanna suffer from the anxiety anymore, but I can't completely get rid of it. Yet, I've been slowly reminding myself that "everything is going to be alright" 

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