Monday, November 7, 2011

Are you tired of photo booth?

Morning guys,

Let's take a break from fashion and talk about something fun like a photo :D 
Me and my friend having fun
decorating the photo^^

 I have found something fun and interesting from Japan called "Purikura" which stands for Print club in English ^^  And how is this differ from an ordinary photo booth? Actually, this photo sticker machine is more than just to take a picture because... 

1. there are lots of backgrounds and options to decorate your photos. 

2. Some places also offer a costume to change

3.You can write the name or anything you want 

4.You can change your eye and hair colours. Or even change your eye size to be bigger also add eyelash and accessories!

And when you done the sticker will turn out like this :))

Well if you want to do something fun, I recommend that this Purikura really works!! 

Try it for yourself, and you will know ;)

Have a great day


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