Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Horrible Date (Based on True Story)

I am a picky person, I am a workaholic person but I f*** up so many times about dating lol. What I am going to tell you guys is based on my personal experience that happened a while ago. All I can say is my previous relationships or dates ended up like shit, I wasted my money (a lot) and sacrificed my heart and soul to find the REAL love, however, those shitty days have strengthened me to be the tough person nowadays.  So, this is the type of guy we should avoid in order to save our hearts for the one who actually deserve.

1. The up and down

I met this guy at A Day to Remember Concert and I kinda liked him you know... He's not my type (at all) but I didn't know why I still fell for him. Maybe we had the same type of music or maybe we were just the lonely people who needed someone to talk to. 

Things went well at the beginning. We texted to each other and we went out once. It was a romantic night and I guessed we both enjoyed it. Oh well, he didn't even touch the food though lol Even though we were having a dinner at luxury Japanese restaurant located on the top of the building, he said he had already eaten so he wasn't going to eat anything except a drink lmao. I didn't expect him to pay a bill or anything but I felt a bit weird for him just to watch me as his date night eating Tempura while he was drinking a glass of water. I didn't mind paying the bill included his bottle of water, so I was willing to pay. 

I guess he didn't like wandering around the building, so he took me out and bought beers instead. We went to the shop and bought some cans of beers, then headed to the park and sat down. It was hot and humid actually...

It didn't go well afterward. I literally texted him almost every day, however, I received his texts every other day or less than that. Sometimes, he texted me so many in one day, and the next day he disappeared again! I was really confused! Well, I am a stubborn person so I kept on breaking my heart into pieces by waiting for his texts over and over again. Many of my friends told me to stop but nope honey bee not yet lmao. 

I had hope for almost a month until I couldn't wait any longer, so I stopped. 

I think it was a month or two months later when he messaged me on Facebook saying "I am so sorry about everything but I dind't mean to treat you like that. I know I am a bad guy and you are a perfect girl, so I didn't want to hurt your feelings...Is it possible if we can start again?"

(Inner thought; start again!? Go f**** yourself, you treated me like a doormat so no thank you kiddo.) 

However, I texted him with the emoji like " :) " that's it and no more conversation after that. 

It was one of the shittiest date I have ever had in my entire life and he's like grrrrrrr I have no words to describe how hot and cold he was lmao. Oh well, it was an experience which taught me a lot about this TYPE of guy I wish I will never ever gonna meet again in the future. 

Outfit -> I paired this camo jacket gifted from the vintage shop, House of Bricks who kindly sent me the pair of uber cool sunglasses and little note which is so lovely. I love reading the notes or postcards sent from brands since it is such a good feeling to read the handwriting, not from electronic device. I matched this jacket with my USA cropped top purchased from Bangkok, Thailand and the pants I bought from Primark. If the weather was good, I would more than happy to wear the camo jacket with shorts and boots because I love wearing shorts with over-sized tops/jackets! 

The products provided by House of Bricks are also lovely as well, there are so many colourful pieces I love, as well as, the vintage jackets I would love to pair with my sneakers :)  
Camo Jacket/sunglasses- House of Bricks
pants- Primark


  1. Sorry to hear about the shitty date, you look awesome though so his loss! :)

    I have a new post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  2. You turned something negative and made it positive. Even though it was a horrible date you learnt from it. You are totally better for it!

    & I love your outfit. Killing it as always Gail :)

    - Mariah-Ruthel

    1. I was stressed and sad at first, but oh well I couldn't help the situation but let it go and moved on :)

  3. Love ur cool!

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  4. I love the jacket and what a horrible date haha
    Melanie @

  5. I love the whole outfit but, seriously, that is up there with some of the real bad dates!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  6. Such a nice style ! Love it !


  7. Really cool outfit.
    Never mind boys, they're stupid.

  8. Gorgeous- I love your hair!

  9. You look so cool I love the parka with the top! I didn't have a date since a while, cause I'm in couple for 4 years now :)

  10. Original combinación!!! por cierto, ¿quieres que nos sigamos?? un besitoo

  11. his loss!!

  12. He sounds like a real idiot, forget him. You're looking great as usual. xx


  13. You are so cool.
    I love your military coat!


  14. I think we all had some kind of dates like this and being completely attached to a guy that ignored us every other second. Somehow I am super lucky to experience that kind of stuff over and over again. By the way I love your outfit dear !

  15. Omg I love your jacket so much!!! This outfit is very, very cool na <3

  16. ahah we all had this kind of dates!! Great outfit!!

  17. don't ever trust a guy that says things like that! it's happened to me to but I learned to not give those kinds of guys the time of day. They are obviously looking around.... ha

  18. love your blog :)
    have a great weekend!

  19. Sorry about your bad dating experience - that guy doesn't know what he's missing!

    On an outfit note, I like your heart-shaped sunnies, so cute! :)

    Away From The Blue

  20. oh no :( just wait for the right time! you deserve an amazing person i'm sure gail!

  21. Oh, I am sorry for this horrible date...
    I want your top and your jacket ! You are very pretty. Kisses ;)