Friday, June 26, 2015

What Do I Learn from being a Fashion Blogger

It has been almost 4 years since I started writing The Equinox Fashion. The first year was the experiment period actually because I still had the full-time job (as a content writer for German e-commerce company based in Bangkok, Thailand), so I didn't really take it seriously compared to these two years when I really focus on it, and constantly improve my blog to become better and better. I always ask myself "what do I learn from being a fashion blogger?" To be honest, I think we all ask ourselves the same question what do we really gain from being fashion bloggers right? From Bangkok based to become Manchester fashion blogger, here is what I have learnt (so far).

1. Commitment is the key

Some people write their blogs just for fun, but for me this blogosphere is my life and career. So, what is the commitment in this blogging career? I don't know about you, but it is one of the most crucial elements for me or us bloggers to continually spend time in writing the articles and publish them weekly. If any of you feel like you have to 'force' yourself to write, then blogging may not be the right career path for you. Personally, I used to work as a content writer and online fashion magazine, so it is quite fun for me to plan the contents in each week. The reason why I have to plan everything meticulously is because I want to keep 'our' conversation going. I don't want to disappear from this blogging sphere or write once a month, no not at all. No matter how busy my life is including the MA course I am currently taking, I always find a time to write something.

2. Getting to know others always surprised me

Have any of us ever wondered what other bloggers are like in reality? What do they do? And who they really are? For me, it is very interesting to get to know other bloggers via this blogging platform because life always surprises us in every way. Apart from being the founder of The Equinox Fashion, posting #OOTD on Instagram and studying for my master degree,  I used to be an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand for about 4 years. I taught at the private tutoring school and I really loved it! I taught only high school students because I can't cope with the kids lol. I actually taught SAT, IELTS and some other English courses the student required. Don't even imagine me wearing teacher uniform guys because I always went to school with the street style outfits. Students always asked me why I became the teacher when I didn't look like one, also no one believed I was a teacher and I truly understand lmao. What about you? What do you guys do apart from writing blogs? 

3. Who I have become

Some people ask me why I write this blog for, or even myself who ask what do I really learn from it. I think the most important thing is WHO I HAVE BECOME after these four years. Not only I have proved to myself that I can make it, but my style has also improved. From the day I was rejected from the brands when I was a no name blogger to nowadays when I can attend events, London Fashion Week, as well as, other opportunities I can't find anywhere else. Everything has its beginning, and only you who can make it happen. 

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  1. Wow I loved reading this post! First of all-I love this super beautiful dress on you. Perfect LBD with the edgy back and bottom. You look amazing! Second of all-it was a lot of fun to read your life outside of your blog and how you got to where you are today. I never even thought of you as an English teacher in a different country. That is amazing and it was fun learning that about you :) Thank you so much for sharing and I hope to read more posts like this in the future!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  2. Lovely LBD, and I had no idea you were a teacher Gail - that's amazing! I really agree on wanting to make my blog into a basis for a career

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  3. You look amazing great location for the picture and the dress I love.

  4. You look awesome here! It's amazing to see how far you've come and how much you've grown as a blogger <3

    1. Congrats to your sucess, Gail! You're very inspiring and be very proud of your career so far! Well done girl! I'm actually a bachelor of trade and commerce and maybe a freelance docent one day since I'm still studying paedagogy! ;-) Gorgeous LBD, perfect with the chunky sandals, dear! Have a great start into the week, honey!!

      xxx Ira

  5. I agree about being consistent - it's so important now that my readership is growing! that's funny how your students didn't believe you were a teacher!

  6. I love that dress a lot !
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  7. commitment really is key, i'm looking forward to having more time to concentrate on my blog in the near future:-) and i never knew you used to be a teacher! also, what a beautiful dress, you look lovely! xx

  8. Being a blogger is a wonderful adventure.

  9. Exciting to read how you have evolved as a blogger. I'm just 11 months into the game and I think I'm loving it. I'm also a teacher and love working with the young ones. Kindergarten to be precise. I couldn't handle the older kids. Your dress is so pretty and you look gorgeous. You've got great style.

  10. So cool post! I really love it. Blogging also tough me alot.

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  11. Really lovely post! I've definitely found that since I've been consistent with my posting my blogging has improved and so has the interaction between bloggers :) xx

  12. Awesome post, Gail! It's so cool to be a fashion blogger, doesn't it? xoxo

  13. love the backless! and I agree, it's so amazing how fashion blogging has opened to so many opportunities. keep up the great work! :)

    Metallic Paws

  14. Great advice and beautiful photos, love your style!

  15. nice black smile and your skin... macth....

  16. Cute dress :)
    I agree. Being consistent is so important!

  17. These are lovely, fresh photos of you and I love how you've taken them as the sun was setting! Also, your points are all very interesting - I agree commitment is key, like any path in life! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  18. Lovely post about being blogger
    my Blog is my life to and part of my career too

  19. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing this.

    ♡ ColorMeLimitlessly ♡

  20. Amazing story Gail! You are talented and definitely an inspiration :)

  21. I love how much joy and positive opportunities you have gotten from your blog :) I agree that blogging is something you should massively enjoy if you want to fulfill it is a career. That's so cool that you were a teacher :)

    Rachel xx

  22. wow love this post ! thanks for sharing your point of view on fashion blogging and how it made you a different person. I'm not a fashion blogger but I still totally get you .

  23. Dear Gail, thank you so much for this post! I know you now fortunately since a longer time as a serious and very friendly blogger and I appreciate you, your blog and your behaviour in general. It is interesting that you worked for a German e-commerce company - I can imagine you speak even a bit German :) And interesting you worked as a teacher, for sure a very helpful and interesting experience! I think you know already that in my real life I'm working as a Strategic Purchaser in the industry.
    Keep up the good work!
    xx Rena
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  24. Totally agree with you dear!! Nice photos!!

  25. Great post, Gail. You look gorgeous in that LBD. And you're so right, consistency is definitely the absolute key. Along with great content, obviously x