Saturday, August 29, 2015

Stop Complaining and Start Appreciating

My cheek in the first image may look a bit horrid because I am currently allergic to The Body Shop's latest sleeping mask product. Yes, again, the second reaction after the oil serum and moisturiser. I guess, my face just can't tolerate the perfume of this brand. Well, I don't know how to use a photoshop to smoothen my face anyway, so whatever lol However, I still feel appreciated that my face is still in the condition that the rash is not getting worse. At least, there is something I feel good about, right? I used to complain a lot, like literally with every unpleasant or negative thing I came across. Now I have changed to the whole new person, because I have been reading several self-improvement books. Those authors are my mentors, and all of them suggest about having the self-positive visualising, and positive self talk. In short, it means to stop complaining and start appreciating in everything we do.

We all know that life is not easy. The more I grow up, the more I can learn about the attitude of lots of people, and it always surprises me how this positive self-talk always excludes me from those negative thoughts. Some people complain about their jobs, unsatisfying relationships, etc. I do complain sometimes, but only in my head since I feel like such complaining drives me to nowhere. The more we keep saying bad thing, the more it is attracted to us. <--This is what I believe. 

The truth is, I also avoid talking to people who constantly complain about every single bit of their lives because it sounds very depressive. I don't mind listening to people' problems, but I just can't stand when people talk about what they do not want, and keep saying why they haven't got what they want yet. Seriously, it just sounds like an excuse to me.  I am a very hot-tempered one, and I feel frustrated every time when coming across the situation that I don't really feel good about it. I wish I can just be straight up to the people by saying my honest point of view about the work, and how I wish they could change the way things work. Unfortunately, it is not gonna happen, or let say that it can't happen like that in reality unless you want to quit a job suddenly. I know that I am a very honest person, and my words can upset the listeners. I don't really care what they think about me tbh. However, it's better to keep those complaints inside my head rather than having a conflict because I just can't deal with the mind game shit. 

Whenever, I am annoyed by others, I decide to watch movies or TV series all day. I know that I am a person who can't concentrate on my work when I am not in the mood. Therefore, I would rather find a way that makes me feel calm first. You know, 'tomorrow always be the new day', and I believe that working when we are in a good mood is better than forcing ourselves to accomplishing something. I have started to feel appreciated in everything I do, not only blogging, or relationship, but almost every little thing including the way how my phone works in a good condition, or the equipment in the household that still in a good shape. At first, I felt a bit stupid about this, but now it has completely changed me to have a better perspective on the living. 

As mentioned, complaint only drives you crazy 

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  1. wow,you look so adorable,i love your sunnies.
    I have also learnt how to appreciate things more

  2. I feel the same way I do something fun when I cannot concentrate is helpful, You look stunning love the top is so much fun. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. this top is super cute !


  4. The shirt is so fun, but I fell in love with the sunnies, they look so delicate...
    I think the same with the people that is always complaining, I ended up to not listen to them... and I always try to not annoy people with my problems...

  5. Super cool and fun look, perfect for weekend vibes.

  6. love that tee, its so quirky n bright n u pull this look so well too.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  7. Love these pics, they got cool vibe! Your blog is so fab that I'm following you now on Bloglovin and GFC. Would love if you do the same? xx

    Marianne // Picture Me

  8. I was already drawn to the title of your post!! love the sponge bob tee, even though it's not a favorite character of mine haha!

  9. I didn't notice any rash, only that you look very pretty and cute.
    This outfit is phenomenally stylish...I like that yellow top a lot.
    I agree with you that we shouldn't complain too much.

    1. Me too actually, Gail! Love the fun shirt and bag, eyecatching pieces!
      TBH I'm also with you! I used to read Dale Carnegie when I was a teenager and it helps a lot though I can't remember it anymore. It really depends on the people around us, it's so important not to let you down by those. And working in a good mood is wonderful idea, it's so much easier to deal with stress then. Very inspiring post, Gail! Thank you!!!


  10. Always loved your style girl! Should of spoke to you at the My Bandage Dress Event last year! Love your different and quirky style! Quite inspirational!

    Isobel x

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  11. Love that shirt!
    Melanie @

  12. Such a cool look. Love your earrings.

    Valentina | DAILY SUIT


  13. Pretty look and so cute pics!
    Have a nice day!

  14. I agree with you. I also try to be more positive and I do gratitude every day which helps X

  15. I really agree with what you say and I've been reading a few books recently too and I'm hoping to change my attitude a bit :) xx

  16. aaaaaaanw amazing look! I love it ♥

  17. Dear Gail, such a beautiful and funny outfit! I'm impressed how consequent you are to yourself and I think the recipe you have decided to transfer is a good one. I either try to avoid complaining and instead appreciating - especially because there are many many things in my life which deserve appreciation so much. For example I appreciate you and your blog <3 Keep it up!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  18. fantastic post my dear, totally agree with your words! :D you look amazing in that outfit <3 xoxo

  19. I know right! Complaining is a waist of time. I love your bag and glasses! Beautiful look.

  20. What a lovely post. I'm so happy to hear you've changed your mindset to something you're proud of and I love your outlook now - you're absolutely right, complaining will only drive you crazy. You certainly look genuinely happy in these photos and speaking of which, this look is so fun! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  21. Your style is so unique, love the bag and spongebob theme t-shirt!! :) x

  22. Adorable style ! Your top is very cute and I want your marvelous sunglasses. I am totally agree with your title ! Kisses :)

  23. there is nothing wrong with your cheek! your skin is always so flawless, please don't use photo shop lol! I've never used body shop skin products but i was gonna try some of their makeup products ><