Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Content Ideas

"I don't know what to write" <-- We all know that the struggle is real when we first start writing our blogs. Don't worry, me too. As mentioned in my very first blog's post  back in 2011 that I found it quite difficult to come up with the topics for The Equinox Fashion. I tried a wide variety of contents included the runway trend, New York Fashion Week's street style etc. However, I have decided to only focus on a few sections; personal style, event, lifestyle (food review), which I think these work for me. Whenever I met people who want to start writing their blogs, they always ask me "what to write?", or some even say "I have no idea what to write" I cannot 100% say which works or not, but here are some of the contents I constantly love reading. 

1. Personal Style

There are a lot of fashion bloggers I love checking out because their styles give me new ideas! I am not really into the beauty, or feminine style fashion blogs because I am more into the street fashion. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, but I just love the tomboyish look, which matches with my #ootd more. I love seeing international bloggers, like literally they are giving me that 'vibe' of their own countries. I don't know how to explain, but I can gradually learn their styles, cultures, and the way they take their photos are really different from what I have seen in the UK. One of my favourite bloggers from Japan is Samantha Mariko. The Asian sensation of Tokyo is my everything because I love the big city life. Tokyo is just a city with colors and innovative things. Also, Australia based, Rachel from The Daily Luxe is great too. The tropical vibe, green palm trees make me feel refreshed. 

2. Lifestyle

I do love reading the lifestyle blogs, not only the beautiful and minimal photography, but also the discovery of the new things I have never known before. You know that I have been in Manchester based blogger for only a year, therefore there are so many restaurants, bars. etc I need to know. I need to do more exploring about what's good in the UK, so that I can visit myself. I love reading my fellow UK blogger Gabrielle from A Glass of Ice because she often introduces me to the new places I have never been before. Especially, the hotel reviews are one of my favourite!

3. Deep Thought

I love reading people' deep thoughts. In fact, I can learn so much from many bloggers who share their own experiences about life. It's very interesting to know how we are all thinking the same in some topics, yet different at some points. I love reading Rena from Dress with Soul because I can learn something from her. Not only she has a great fashion taste, but her experience in life can teach me something. You know, sometimes, we gotta listen and learn from the other's perspective. 

4. Foodie

Who wouldn't love food!? It's good and bad at the same time though. It is good because I can find the new recipe to try at home. However, those food bloggers always make me hungry lol I hate myself when reading their blogs at midnight since I feel like I need to go to the fridge and find something to eat. Recently, I have just discovered the BBQ recipe from Jackie, and I will def gonna try it this weekend! 

5. Interior Inspo

I love decorating the house/flat/studio/kitchen/bathroom and everything about interior design. The interior inspo always gives me life! I have always dreamt about having my own studio right in the middle of New York City. So, looking at those inspiration images makes me smile, while motivating myself to have the room like that one day. Mostly, I use Pinterest for finding out a broad range of beautiful and modern studio, and I really can't stop pinning!


  1. Great ideas, lady! Everyone needs a little idea re-charge now and then. :) Loving your hat!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. You inspire me to think outside the box and not be afraid to take a simple look to a wow factor even though is comfortable always rocking it looking amazing. Thank you for the recognition and and sorry for making you hungry lol.

  3. These are all such fabulous ideas!! I love reading a variety of posts and love all of these! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  4. Amazing ideas! :)
    And the Outfit is incredible! :) I really love the sunglasses - they look so unique.
    xoxo, Anna Lea

  5. Looking great sista! I'm coming back to blogging soon! It feels great to be spending time reading blogs and do all the creative things again! Miss you lots, lets catch up on the phone soon <3


  6. You look great in the pictures, I really love your outfit! Content is always something I struggle with but I've decided not to worry myself over it too much, it's always nice to write for other people but I essentially started my blog to write about things I love so I'm going to try and do that and hope that if I love it others will too :) xx

  7. Great tips and you look super stylish in this outfit!

    Bella Pummarola

  8. Super :)) xx

  9. wow wow wow this look is simply perfect
    from head to toe
    i love the glasses so much <3

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  10. I love your ombre....great shoes! you look very stylish...and thank you for sharing these writing ideas.

  11. hi gail, it's been a while! hope you're doing good :) i enjoy reading those topics as well but just to add one more, i love baby/family blogs! hah x)

  12. Those glasses are so cool!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  13. That's a really good point that you can learn a lot about a place from the style of fashion bloggers in their different countries. I really enjoy reading the blogs that you've mentioned too

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  14. Great points, we learn so much from each other in blogging land. I love the fashion, food and fitness tips I get. X


  15. Fabulous sunglasses girl! Was contemplating on buying some myself!

    New post - http://www.fashionistachic14.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/superman.html
    Blog - http://www.fashionistachic14.blogspot.co.uk/
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  16. fabulous post my dear, great ideas!! lovely outfit as well <3 xoxo

  17. Really great ideas. Finding and sticking with one's niche is key instead on writing on trends you're not comfortable with just because others are doing it. I love your hat, you look lovely.

  18. What a nice glasses, they're so funny! The look is perfect for those days!

    love, Carmen

  19. Thanks for sharing! I like your shoes, they're so cool :) xx

  20. Hi Gail :) You are looking so cool today- you're outfit is so on-point with the high-waisted jeans and blazer :) I'm so glad you like 'The Daily Luxe'- it was super sweet of you to mention me. I really enjoy your personal style posts- you always pull off so original and cool pieces (like Spongebob) that I would never be able to rock! Love your other suggestions to- I really enjoy reading 'A Glass Of Ice' and 'Dress with Soul' too :)

    Rachel xx

  21. Awesome photography as always, dear! Love chilling out here & reading your posts as well. xoxo

  22. Amazing photos dear ;) have a lovely weekend!

  23. Well, my weekend has well and truly be made - thank you so, so much for mentioning me under the 'lifestyle' category of blogs, I'm so pleased to know you're enjoying my blog. I'm sure you know by now I'm a big fan of your blog too! You've listed some great suggestion for when writer's block hits, I'll be sure to keep them in mind for when needed :)

    ps. your sunglasses look amazing on you!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  24. your style photos/ photography keep getting better and better! love these shots :) I think it's always good to brainstorm new content !

  25. Such a great post - and seriously girl, your photos are unreal. Is this the new lense at work??? LOVE xxx

  26. Nice outfit! Love the shades!


  27. Perfect style ! You are very pretty and elegant. I love your shoes and your sunglasses are very cute. Kisses :)