Wednesday, September 23, 2015

London Fashion Week Day 1: Fashion International

As soon as I arrived London, United Kingdom, I went straight to the hotel where the Fashion International was hosted in order to preview the new collections by a wide variety of designers from all over the globe. The fashion show was run smoothly, and the clothes looked absolutely amazing. In fact, this is the reason why I love attending London Fashion Week because it is a great opportunity to discover the new talented designers who have a really innovative design with a refreshing idea. 
Sun Goddess South Africa- Inspired by Nelson Mandela, this SS16 represents the strength and heritage fused within the African luxurious style. In my opinion, I really loved the show because it was truly showing the African sensation. I really admire when seeing people presenting themselves to their roots, and let others get to know more about their cultures and traditions. 

Felix Bendish- The virtual nature collection is one of the most innovative designs of Felix Bendish. With the use of 3D illusions, this Spring/Summer 16 is the quirky collection, which takes the fashion design industry to the whole next level. Speaking of the technology, Felix has had the opportunity to showcase his previous collections at India Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, PURE London, as well as, Japan trade fairs. 

Megha Grover- The self taught designer who has decided to pursue her dream as a fashion designer did a really good job for this runway. Not only she used to work as a costume designer for Bollywood films, she also had her own shows at Dubai Fashion Week, Miami Beach International Fashion Week, and Las Vegas. This vintage collection is the combinations between floral and bright pastel colours. Such a beautiful couture! 

Karen Gold- London based designer whose SS16 collection is not only luxurious, but well-structured also. Inspired by the individual style of women, her showcase tonight was amazingly refined.

Luxury by Feyi- this ready-to-wear is one of my most favourite collections, which blend the uniqueness of the design and luxury quality in fabric altogether. It's all about the word "glamourous" here. 

Wanna know more about other designers? You can also visit the website here


  1. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  2. Oh you're so lucky! So many gorgeous looks.

    xx Chelsea

  3. this is beyond amazing. Thank u for sharing the pics.
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  4. I wish I was there too to witness all these glamour.

  5. What an amazing show great presentation.

  6. Great pictures and freat show!

    love, Carmen

  7. This must have been so much fun! :) xx

  8. these looks are awesome! hope I can go to LFW one day !

  9. These clothes are incredible. I am absolutely loving the blue/green outfit in the bottom picture.

  10. You are so lucky. This looks awesome c:

    xo, ♥

  11. wow! fantastic post and pictures my dear, love it :D xoxo

  12. Such a good report! Nice work in this post :D hope one day been there !

  13. Dear Gail, I have to admit that all the designers you show here are new for me :) But obviously they are making great fashion and thank you for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. Amazing photos!

    - Audrey

  15. For me a best designer is Ashley Williams...

  16. What a fun-filled event, sweetie! Lucky you! xoxo

  17. Wow! How amazing is that wedding dress in white and gold!! Beautiful the cut outs.